New Year’s Resolutions, a humble suggestion

by Anwer Khan



Every year at the beginning we reflect on our lives and make some pledges for ourselves to improve upon during the year.

Losing weight, quitting smoking or drinking and so on are some of the common things we intend to carry out in the New Year. 

Adopting some positive traits is another set of resolutions one can make, as I believe that engaging in those traits will somehow remove some of the oddities we have in our traits.

There is a famous saying in the Scriptures that adopting virtues will fade away the vices. Here are some resolutions which, when adopted, would carry a lasting impact all over our society.

• Make a serious and enthusiastic vow to create peace at your home by resolving all differences once for all. Take the initial first step towards it.

• Master it for 30 days, then extend a loving hand to your next door neighbor by breaking a bread or simply sipping coffee together.  Share your best dimmer meals with your neighbor at least three to four times a month.

• Practice this for 60 days. Create a neighborhood watch or some activity together at least once a month.  Take two neighbors and visit the sick in your neighborhood with flowers or just small cards.

• Search elderly in your neighborhood and bring their groceries with yours when possible.

• Prepare 15 to 20 sandwiches and take four neighbors on any weekend and distribute to the homeless in Pomona or Claremont.

• Share mourning with some deceased in your neighborhood.

Strength of the family is the backbone of our social life; the stronger our bonds of kinship, the stronger would be the fabric of our society. Let us all make every attempt to make our homes a vivid scene of heaven on earth. May God enable us all to achieve this modest resolution. All these activities will make you a new personality. Through God we may achieve these traits and enjoy its blessings.

Incidentally there exists no Divine religion that does not advocate the family ties of strong brotherhood, the names of these faiths may be different but the core teachings are similar. Let us delve on our commonalities and gain strength from each other.


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