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Renaming Cahuilla Park

Dear Editor:

The COURIER reported on Saturday,?April 7 that Claremont’s Community and Human Services Division had voted unanimously against renaming Cahuilla Park because the name change would impose one-time expenses on the city. That was a wise and prudent decision.

But I wish to propose now in all seriousness that the city of Claremont offer to rename Cahuilla Park after anyone who donates $500,000 to the city or after anyone (within reason) that person designates.

Colleges, hospitals and museums name buildings after donors, why shouldn’t the city of Claremont name a park after a donor?

Parks are valuable community assets that merit philanthropic support. Possibly there is no donor out there, but I see no harm in asking the city of Claremont to announce the proposal, and then wait to see whether a donor steps forward. If a donor could be found, would that not be advantageous for Claremont? 

Ivan Light



Becoming an American

Dear Editor:

I was preparing a letter in reply to Mr. DeChaine’s rant of a week ago, but Doug Lyon beat me to it.

Fifty-six years ago, I got my “green card.” (They really were green back then). I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it.

I had to show proof that I was a person with no criminal background, that I was considered able to support myself, was in perfect health—chest x-rays had to be presented when entering the country—but most important, one had to be sponsored by an organization or individual of impeccable standing.

Some people believe in the concept of “No borders, one world.” I do not. A sovereign nation with secure borders is necessary in today’s violent world.

John Schwartz



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