Readers comments 2-9-18

Water outage

[Editor’s note:?The following letter was sent to Golden State Water Company and the Claremont City Council, with a copy forwarded to the COURIER for publication. —KD]

Dear Editor:

It is a temporary planned water outage if:

1)?One knows that before one gets out of bed in the morning and logs on to the Golden State Water website.

2) One has the means and technology to have an internet savvy link.

3) One is dependent on normal advisories to residents of a “temporary” interruption of service.

4) The service provider cares enough to realize the impact on its customers and rate payers, and respond accordingly.

Water and electrical energy are the lifelines of ones daily routine. You know that, so why argue that point? 

Could you have used the same advisory application that the Claremont Police Department uses whenever there is activity in the community that needs to have citizens alerted to preserve their well being?

This is not complicated. There may be users who are totally unaware of your internet messages that will in fact be using tainted water without boiling.

You seem to put the burden on the general public to pass on Golden State Water Company’s emergency messages, and that is supposed to relieve you of accountability?

This city and residents of Claremont deserve an explanation, and the PUC needs to investigate your lack of concern.

Juan Matute



Ellen Browning Scripps

Dear Editor:

As an alumna of Scripps College (1964) I enjoyed reading the article on Ellen Browning Scripps. One correction I would offer: I also attended The Bishops School, which is in La Jolla, not San Diego as reported.

Christianne Ulrich

Former 53-year Claremont resident

Presently living in Ozark, Missouri


Claremont’s history

Dear Editor:

While reading John Neiuber’s latest article, “What Makes A Building Historic?,” we were struck, again, by Claremont’s good fortune to have an in-house historian.

Mr. Neiuber is not only an elegant writer but a person whose passion for history in general and Claremont in particular, is a boon for us all.

Thank you, John.

Margaret Russell

James Manifold







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