Readers comments 4-6-18

Preventing gun violence

Dear Editor:

At the recent school safety forum, prevention was discussed as the key to preventing mass shootings. Two types of prevention discussed were parents monitoring student online conduct and reporting violent posts, and teaching students how to protect themselves when under attack.

It is reactive, not proactive, to teach students to cover or conceal during an attack. Attempting to predict violence by monitoring social media is also a reactive strategy. Prevention must start with a public health approach.

Car accidents are reduced by traffic regulation and education about the ill effects of smoking has decreased cancer. Robust violence prevention and mental health programs, like those implemented for drugs, alcohol and tobacco, must be implemented in our schools at a young age.

Access to the tools—assault weapons, bump stocks, high capacity magazines—that are widely available that make mass killings possible also must be reduced. Assault weapons are not needed in civilian society and it is time to stop distorting the intent of the Second Amendment to prohibit reasonable prohibition of military style weapons designed for maximum killing.

YouTube experienced a work place shooting on April 3, and President Trump offered his thoughts and prayers in a tweet. YouTube’s Chief Executive also offered a tweet, that it was time to stop being “reactive” to the shootings in our schools and work places and time to “evolve our policies.”

Samuel Kole



Garden tour

Dear Editor:

When I was learning to crochet and make bread I got a lot of information from books, but actually seeing someone pick up a dropped stitch or knead dough made the printed word much clearer.

Similarly, there are lots of articles about how to make a beautiful, more sustainable landscape but none of these is quite as good as actually seeing some successful gardens and talking to the owners (and besides, visiting gardens is fun and offers a very pleasant respite from worrying about the world).

Happily, the annual Claremont garden tour will take place Sunday, April 15, and I hope a lot of COURIER readers will take advantage of it. Tickets and other info is at

Sue Schenk



Yes on Prop 68

Dear Editor:

It is very important we all understand Prop 68, which will be on the June 5 ballot. Prop 68 will authorize California to issue general obligation bonds to finance state and local parks, water conservation measures, water reliability to disadvantaged communities and flood protection projects. Californians need to understand how crucial this proposition is.

We need state and local parks to provide open spaces and recreation which will improve health and community well-being. Prop 68 will also fund water projects that will respond to climate change challenges.

Please join people who care for the projects that will keep California a healthy place to live. Vote for Prop 68 and tell your friends and family to do the same.

Ellen Taylor

VP for Advocacy

LWV of the Claremont Area


Enact proactive strategies

Dear Editor:

I believe the CUSD response to the threat of school shootings is a very positive one. If such an event were to take place during recess or lunch, it would be the worst-case scenario, so the board’s timing of the practice drills during these times is spot on.

In addition, proper dialogue is necessary. Practice drills combined with the board meeting on March 26 regarding campus violence are important steps in the right direction. Hopefully these measures will provide better awareness and preparedness in the future, whether it be about mental health, bullying, or carrying weapons on campus.




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