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Thank you, Frank D’Emilio

Dear Editor:

This is in reference to the recent article regarding Sumner Elementary School’s selection as a 2012 California Distinguished School.

Mr. Arny Bloom, who is the interim principal while Mr. D’Emilio is on leave, declared, “Sumner is a very special place and has been nurtured and supported with the strong leadership of principal Frank D’Emilio for the past 7 years.”

We, the undersigned, wholeheartedly echo Mr. Bloom’s words. We are writing this letter in support of Frank D’Emilio, who has not only been our anchor for 7 years, but also a loyal, hardworking CUSD employee for the past 24 years.

Mr. D’Emilio has been committed, positive and caring through very tough educational times. He has embraced our community’s physical, social, emotional and cultural diversity, creating a wonderfully harmonious climate for students, parents and staff.

At the May 17 board of education meeting, Sumner will be recognized for our distinguished school achievement, but an integral part of our team will be missing. We will proudly accept the award in honor of Frank D’Emilio.

Rise Alpert            Carol Labarrere

Ron Alpert            Carolyn Magallanes           

Elaine Anderson              Debi Madden

Mary Byers            Tani Peterson

Anna Byrne                Debbie Plumley

Sheri Castro            Jason Remedios

Patricia Colinco            Melissa Smith

Nicole Cooke                        Joe Tonan

Anna De Leon                        Linda Wallace

Nancy Franson            Katy Douglass

Brenda Hamlett             Beejal Hansen

Denise Klinovsky      Debbie McCurdy

Sumner Elementary School

teachers, staff


Proposition 28

Dear Editor:

The League of Women Voters of California supports Proposition 28, Term Limit Reform, which will appear on the June 5, 2012 ballot. This proposition will modify California’s term limits law.  Legislators are currently limited to 3 terms in the assembly and 2 terms in the State Senate. Prop 28 will reduce the 14-year limit to 12 years. Legislators will be allowed to serve the whole 12 years in either house of the legislature or serve a combination of terms in the 2 houses.

Prop 28 will not benefit any current or former legislator. The simple measure is a step in the right direction that will improve accountability. Legislators will no longer be constantly looking for the next office to run for; they will have time to develop expertise and get things done.

Ellen Taylor

VP, Advocacy/Action

LWV of the Claremont Area


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