Golden State Water supports Senate bill for more accountability

By Denise Kruger

At Golden State Water Company, it’s been all about water for more than 80 years. Our goal is to deliver reliable, high-quality water to our customers in the most cost-effective manner. Our focus is on meeting our customers’ needs, and we’re committed to having honest conversations about critical issues like water rates and conservation.

All California water providers face significant challenges in meeting the needs of their customers, in part due to the lack of a consistently available water supply at a reasonable cost. As costs continue to rise at both the wholesale and retail level, compounded with costs to replace and repair aging water systems, our customers have been very clear about their concerns with higher rates. We understand and believe greater transparency throughout the water industry is a positive reform to help people understand what we invest to maintain our systems and the corresponding value to customers.

That’s why we support legislation sponsored by the cities of Claremont and Placentia and authored by State Senator Bob Huff (R-Walnut) to increase transparency and accountability of water companies that are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC.) 

Senate Bill 1364 requires more information be provided to customers about proposed rate costs and impacts, and with enhanced regulatory oversight that assures delivery of a reliable water supply at the lowest possible cost. It gives customers additional information so that they can see exactly what they’re getting when they pay a water bill. 

We think that makes sense—in fact, increased transparency by all public water suppliers would help customers better understand the factors that influence the cost of water in California.

Senate Bill 1364 is an example of how a good idea and collaborative spirit can benefit customers and communities. We want to thank the city of Claremont and Senator Huff for their leadership, and look forward to working with them to help ensure this bill passes and is signed into law. 


Denise Kruger is senior vice president of regulated utilities for Golden State Water Company.


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