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Police station issue

Dear Editor:

Just over a year ago, the city of Upland dissolved its fire department and annexed into the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District. The Upland city manager has announced that the move, in one year, saved the city $4 million.

Claremont made the switch to Los Angeles County Fire decades ago. I believe my recollection is accurate, that the current city council chambers once housed Claremont city fire engines.

Another citizen advisory committee is being formed to craft a third attempt to come up with a plan for a new police facility and a way to pay for it that can be sold to 67 percent of voters.

Through letters posted here, I and other citizens have voiced the opinion that contracting with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department should be, at least, studied and considered before putting the citizens of Claremont another $25 million ($50 million with interest) in debt.

I cited the outstanding job the Los Angeles County Fire Department does for Claremont, with no reason to think the county sheriffs would not be their equal.  Over the years I have had a few interactions with fire station 101 personnel. The thought never entered my mind that this was not “our” fire department.

I am urging the city council to solicit and earnestly consider a proposal from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide general law enforcement services to Claremont, as it does to 42 other contract cities.

Jack Sultze



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