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Invitation from Fairplex

Dear Editor:

I was surprised and disappointed to read your opinion piece in the September 14 edition of the Claremont COURIER. Surprised because I was taken aback by your statements that the COURIER hasn’t received any press releases from Fairplex and the LA County Fair, and disappointed at your conclusion that, “Clearly the fair has no interest in COURIER coverage or reaching Claremont residents.”

I lived in Claremont for more than 20 years and am proud that my four daughters went through the Claremont Unified School District. As a resident I subscribed to the COURIER and now am president and CEO of Fairplex. I can say that your statement is incorrect. Fairplex, and I, do care about Claremont. Claremont is an important part of our 96-year history.

We celebrated Claremont Day at the Fair on September 13. Thousands of Claremont children have enjoyed the Fair through our FairKids Field Trip Program. This year Fairplex supported buses for Vista del Valle, Mountain View, Sumner and Oakmont elementary schools. Nearly 2,000 students from Claremont registered this year for field trips to the Fair.

Our communications department shared many press releases with the COURIER so far this year, including:

· August 7—Invitation to media preview day.

· July 31—LA County Fair to announce Inland Empire Day.

· June 14—LA County Fair announces first set of artists for end-of-summer concert series.

· May 30—LA County Fair announces Special LA Day at summer kick-off press conference June 4.

· March 22—Modern Pentathlon World Cup 2 comes to Fairplex.

· February 15—LA County Fair announces 2018 Theme: Get Your Kicks.

The 2018 LA County Fair has had a robust three weeks, including garnering the highest opening weekend attendance in the last seven years.

Our guests have responded to our refreshed marketing theme, celebrating Route 66 and our special $6.60 menu at our concession stands. We are proud that many of those guests were Claremont residents.

The LA County Fair is proud of our partnership with Claremont. We love the Claremont community and keeping them informed so they enjoy our 500 year-round events.

As we enter the last weekend of the 2018 LA County Fair, we’d like to extend a special $6.60 admission to all Claremont residents. Present and surrender this published letter at any LA County Fair admission gate to receive one $6.60 admission on Sunday, September 23. Not valid with any other offer. We hope you will join us.

Miguel A. Santana

Fairplex, President and CEO


This is not normal

Dear Editor:

Louis XIV reportedly said “L’etat c’est moi.” President Trump has said the author (anonymous) of the New York Times op-ed that reported chaos in the White House committed “treason”—and he asked the Times to turn over anonymous’ real name for “national security” purposes.

Although ours is a democracy and not an absolute monarchy, in saying those things, Mr. Trump has followed in Louis XIV’s footsteps, identifying himself as the American state. Criticism of him becomes a crime against the state and is an attack on our national security.

That is one of the reasons why the man is dangerous, why he is not simply just another president. Because he cannot distinguish between himself and the country, he is a threat to the nation and to our democracy.

It is unfortunate that the current Republican party (and Mr. Trump’s base) refuse to acknowledge that he is not a normal president, that his impulses are not what we expect of our leader, and they continue to support him while knowing the danger he presents to all of us.

Merrill Ring



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