Readers’ Comments: 6-14-19

Great job, Albee!

Dear Editor:

“We’re just so lucky.” (from the June 7 COURIER article by Mick Rhodes.) What mother of an 18-year-old with a C5 spinal-chord injury could even say that? A woman that is selfless!

We have been lucky to be family friends with the Harrises since our sons played t-ball together at Claremont Little League in 2006. Peggy and Ken Harris are the absolute epitome of great people and parents. They are always there to help and support others. They’d bring the barbecue, the pop-up shade and everything else to make our post-game events special for all of us.

And they raised a wonderful young man! Albee, as his friends call him, is quiet and humble. As a 12 year old he led the little league with 11 home runs (I think the next closest had seven). Albee went on to hit two more home runs post season, all the while, with just a smile, he never made mention of his home run dominance. 

On to middle school at El Roble, Al was the top finisher in the annual bike marathon as an eighth grader. Obviously, Al was a great competitor and athlete who grew to like individual sports. We were all so sad to hear of his August motorcycle accident, the month before his senior year in high school.

It appears all the professionals who have helped Albee along the way at Loma Linda, Casa Colina and Perfect Step have marveled at his dedication, effort and progress to his goal of walking across the Claremont High School stage to get his diploma. Al has certainly earned their praise and recognition.

Thanks to Jose at El Ranchero, who early on opened up his restaurant for a fundraiser to help with the medical expenses. I hope the Albee Strong page at GoFund Me can get the last $13,000 to achieve its goal.

Congratulations to the graduate!

Randy, Shannon and Clayton Scott



Good news

Dear Editor:

Reading the Friday, June 7 newspaper, I was inspired to thank the COURIER for its many years of public service for encouraging letters to the editor and publishing local news that is relevant, well-written and fair.

On one page (page 3), I read of Rose Ash resigning her position on the city’s committee on human relations, because of lack of autonomy in dealing with “hatred and bigotry” literature distributed in Claremont. By training and career, I was bred to praise Rose Ash for her position and the COURIER for printing it.

The bottom of the same page gave us a very positive article on the environmental benefits of solar panels installed at Pilgrim Place. I call both of these examples of “good news” by a good newspaper. Thank you.

Lee McDonald



La Puerta

Dear Editor:

Claremont, here we go again with the school district and a developer ready to charge in and change a neighborhood. 

With offensive fences in place and money to push the agenda along we know what to expect. There are probably plans coming likely not acceptable or appropriate to the location so here we go again.

This site could be more park space. But for that to happen we need advocates and leadership in the community and in the city administration.

Ted Nall



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