Readers’ Comments 11-8-19

Support our businesses

Dear Editor:

Whatever the outcome from the Measure CR campaign, I hope this community can come together to support our local businesses. Brick and mortar faces significant challenges, and Claremont’s confluence of public buildings, service businesses, restaurants, and retail are pretty rare in Southern California. It’s something for us to be proud of and something for us to preserve.

Pamela Casey Nagler



Foothill construction

Dear Editor:

My name is John Lee and I am a local Boy Scout from Troop 123. I am writing to you about the construction that has been going on on Foothill Boulevard. I think it is good that they are working on improving this city and improving the safety of the people walking and riding their bikes and the drivers.

I also read that they are going to fix the timing on the street lights and I am grateful for that. I hope all the construction is finished quickly and safely.

John Lee



Measure CR

Dear Editor:

My name is Jacob Lee and I’m a Boy Scout in Troop 123. I wanted to write to you to let you know my thoughts on Measure CR. I think that the measure would have negatively impacted the poor citizens of Claremont.

They don’t have that much money to begin with, so having to pay more taxes that they won’t see the benefit of will just be more money out of their pockets. I am interested in reading about both sides of this issue and look forward to seeing in print anything you have to offer. Thank you.

Jacob Lee



Vocabulary enhancement

Dear Editor:

I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit where credit is due, so here goes: Despite the fact that our current president is perhaps one of the least articulate residents of the White House in recent memory, he has (surely inadvertently) helped raise the vocabularies of most Americans. (I confess, I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy.)   

BT (before Trump), if someone had forced me to take a pop quiz and asked what an “emolument” is, I might have taken a shot in the dark and guessed it’s some expensive and secret ingredient found in a very pricey face cream offered by the good folks at Elizabeth Arden. 

And how about all that “quid pro quo” we hear over and over? Being too young to have been required to study Latin in school, I might have mistaken this for some esoteric and slangy British legal process that involves an athlete going from amateur status into a lucrative professional contract.

So after nearly three years of what seems like 24-hour-a-day nonstop President Trump, I can safely say my vocabulary has improved, and that’s worth something, isn’t it?

Don Linde

La Verne


Impeachment hearings

Dear Editor:

I’m very afraid that we are watching the slow collapse of our once great nation. Instead of acting and speaking with the nobility of statesmen, our national leaders indulge in name-calling and finger-pointing.

Representative Scalise compared the past 37 days of inquiry to Soviet style proceedings, disregarding the fact that 16 Republicans are members of the House Judiciary Committee conducting the inquiry.

Whatever faith we once had in the safeguards of our Constitution and our system of checks and balances is being undermined by the daily nonstop flow of inflammatory rhetoric emanating from Washington. I no longer wonder how the Germans could be so misled by Hitler. I’m watching it happen right here. God help us all.

Kathleen McKenzie





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