Readers comments 11-15-19

Thank you, Claremont

Dear Editor:

The No on Measure CR Committee would like to thank the voters of Claremont for giving the community a victory in the defeat of Measure CR. 

We appreciate each and every person who participated in the election and are grateful for our shared victory.

There is much yet to accomplish, so let us truly listen to all in the work going forward.

No on Measure CR committee

Aundre Johnson, Jen Wiesner,

Donna Lowe, David Burgdorf


Elegy for Claremont, California

Dear Editor:

The voters spoke on November 5.  Whether or not they understand the impact of their decision is yet to be seen.

I, for one, believe that a grave error has taken place, which could ultimately result in the demise of Claremont, California. The only tangible result of this vote was a polarized community.

Opponents of Measure CR said it would be unfair to the poor, the elderly, businesses and the disadvantaged. They failed to say how this is the case. They were outspoken of the distrust in Claremont’s governance. Is it the elected officials or the paid staff gone rogue? I am taken aback by the utter ignorance of municipal government operations by the citizens of Claremont.

Five other cities in Los Angeles County voted on the same .75 percent increase in sales tax that Claremont was to vote for. All those cities, without exception, voted for the increase by at least two-thirds of the vote.

How is it that five other cities took advantage of diverting a new revenue stream to their city coffers and Claremont chose not to? I believe it was to punish the “city” for perceived past wrongs. Does this dynamic sound familiar? You find this dynamic in abusive relationships where one party punishes and controls the other through financial isolation and withholding and blame laying.

The deed has been done. There is nothing that can undo what I feel was an uninformed public reacting to hyperbole and misinformation, perhaps on both sides, but nonetheless, denying millions of dollars annually directly to Claremont. Millions of dollars never to be seen again. Financial starvation of any kind rarely has a positive outcome.

Larry Horowitz

42-year resident of Claremont


Thank you, Claremont

Dear Editor:

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to each of the 40 Village merchants who came together to help defeat Measure CR. It was a great pleasure meeting many of you for the first time and discussing your legitimate concerns. The truly remarkable result on November 5 would not have been possible without your courage and financial support. Congratulations!

Matt Magilke



Voter turnout

Dear Editor:

While reading through the article about Measure CR from November 8, a quote from Yes on CR Chair Laura Roach caught my attention. She stated that she was disappointed in the low voter turnout for this referendum as it will have a major impact on Claremont and its citizens. I believe that this low voter turnout could have been avoided with a greater outreach to the student population within the Claremont Colleges.

Since at least 75 percent of current Claremont Colleges students will be affected by the ruling on Measure CR for at least one year from now, many of us would have taken a personal interest in the voting process.

In the future, the city of Claremont should make more of an effort to involve college students in the voter registration process in Claremont, therefore increasing the chances that these students will take interest in future issues that will affect them during their time as a part of the Claremont community.

Daniel Porras




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