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Contracting with the sheriff

Dear Editor:

Some Claremont residents want us to contract with the LA County Sheriff to presumably reduce our public safety costs. Unfortunately for their proposal, a few days ago it was news that sheriff’s deputies are harassing and threatening the family members of individuals whom they have shot. That’s in addition to the long-known news that sheriff’s deputies have formed tattooed gangs, whose members cover up one another’s crimes and threaten honest deputies who might report them.

It’s also in addition to the repeated news that the current sheriff re-hires deputies who have been fired for legitimate reasons.

I’m reminded of an episode on one of comedian Jack Benny’s radio programs many decades ago. A thug walks up behind Jack, presses the barrel of a handgun against his back, and says “Your money or your life!” Jack says nothing. The thug repeats his demand more loudly.

Jack, who was generous in real life but played a skinflint on his program, says, “I’m thinking; I’m thinking.” Well, I’m thinking that our safety is worth more than money. I’ll take a clean police department any day.

Bob Gerecke



Cable flight path

Dear Editor:

After reading about the Upland plane crash on November 8 that left one house destroyed and another damaged, I was appalled to see that happening in our backyard. Yes, the crash was in Upland, but it could have easily taken place in Claremont given the proximity of the two cities.

As citizens of Claremont, we constantly hear the buzzing of planes in the sky, however, we should not have to worry about one of them flying into our home.

Luckily nobody inside either home was hurt, but that could easily not have been the case. Something must be done about this. The Cable Airport flight path at Foothill and Monte Vista is now proved to be a danger zone. If no immediate action is possible, we must think twice before permitting further residential development in this area.

Chance Sears



Enough is enough

Dear Editor:

Regarding the letter from the 42-year resident of Claremont being upset by the tax measure proposition being defeated:

As I recall in past years, Claremont residents would vote for anything that would increase their taxes.

Could it be that Claremont residents are tired of not getting what they voted for (i.e., a gas tax increase to repair roads and instead we got a Foothill fiasco bike trail to nowhere.)

We are tired of bait-and-switch and we are going to vote in the future—no, no, no!

Jerry James

74-year Claremont resident


It’s time for lower drug prices

Dear Editor:

Lowering drug prices can only help those of us who have been a victim of some disease. It’s hard enough trying to survive without the added cost of high drug prices. I myself have a heart condition. I’ve had heart surgery and the man I love has been fighting cancer and has to pay more than $600 a month for a life-saving drug.

Please provide your support and leadership to help lower drug prices. We are on a fixed income at age 76 and 77 years. We’re counting on you to help us.

Sandy Hester





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