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Issues with Amazon

Dear Editor:

Is anyone in Claremont concerned that Amazon filled the coffers in Upland so that they could get the city council votes needed to build a massive distribution center in an area just south of Cable Airport?

This will have a negative impact on Claremont as at least 25 trucks and 1,100 delivery vans are expected to make round trips to and from the facility 24 hours a day seven days a week. (See the viewpoint in the COURIER, Friday, January 24.)

The traffic on Monte Vista and Central, as vans and trucks access the 10 and 210 freeways will no doubt cause excessive noise, increased air pollution and huge traffic jams on Base Line and Foothill in Claremont, not to mention traffic accidents and damage to the road surface.

It is claimed that Amazon will drop a few million dollars into the coffers of the city of Upland, but they will not be responsible for paying anything toward road maintenance and repair.

The builder bought a full page advertisement in the COURIER promoting what they view as the benefits of this catastrophe. (It’s nauseating reading!)

With all the land available in the Inland Empire it is an unmitigated disaster to put such a massive business so close to what are mostly residential areas, but it looks as though it’s so far along in the planning that it is probably unstoppable at this point.

Another example of crony capitalism gone wild, an uncontrollable massive business and greedy politicians with total disregard for those who elected them.  

Enid Eckert



Amazon is a good option

Dear Editor:

There was no alternative recommendation for the development of the property in the recent viewpoint about the Amazon center development.

The rock operations have been shut down and if the property is not developed it will likely become a homeless encampment (again). Upland and Claremont might be okay with that but I have found that was a problem in the past. The homeless tended to overflow into the Lowe’s parking lot with mental illness and drug problems. That would need to be addressed through social services.

I would rather see the property developed. The options are retail, industrial/warehouse, or housing.

I don’t think we need another strip mall. Fifty acres with 50 stores and 50 trucks supplying every day, in addition to customers driving in and out, would be a problem for Foothill.  

As far as industrial/warehouse, there would be 50 individual warehouses, each having trucks and workers driving in and out daily. Also a potential big traffic problem. And it would be on speculation to hope for 50 different renters. 

Housing probably won’t be single family homes, more likely apartments considering the proximity to the airport.  How many apartments on 50 acres? Maybe 500 or more? Each with one or two cars, children off to school, driving for groceries. Also a big traffic problem. We’ll become like West LA.

To me the best thing I can think of is a single large warehouse with most of the development being parking.

Regarding the larger supply trucks, the rock operation has historically had around 70 trucks passing in and out daily. They were dirty, dirt-filled trucks usually running from the 210 freeway down Benson to Foothill and up Airport Drive. To me, 25 to 50 enclosed trucks distributing through the day and night would be much better than the past dirt trucks.

Also, regarding the delivery vans, they are already delivering through Upland and Claremont (hence Amazon’s desire to put the distribution center there).  My guess is that they come mostly from Ontario and deliver up from the 10 freeway.

The delivery vans will supply Upland and Claremont from a station located on the edge of both cities. For delivery to other cities, the easiest route would probably be going back up to the 210 freeway or down Central Avenue. 

I do believe that whatever goes in there should offer some type of tax earning for the city since they will be accessing public roads and services like police and fire department.

Am I not thinking clearly on this? Is there a better option?

Gary Jensen



The problem is mistrust

Dear Editor:

Joe Lyons is right! The problem isn’t government. Other than bloviation, the real problem is mistrust. Specifically mistrust towards the elected members of government who can’t balance a budget, practice Bullet Train economic theory, and believe their “mischaracterizations” will sucker enough citizens to tax themselves even more.

Leslie Watkins



Bike paths

Dear Editor:

Yesterday I took my first ride on the newly completed bike path along Foothill Boulevard.

Over the last year a number of readers of these pages have expressed various criticisms of the path. As for myself, having regularly ridden that route since 1974 and having had any number of near misses, I am delighted with the trail.

It is safe, well designed and the hazard areas are well marked…couldn’t ask for more. Enjoy a safe ride!

Jim des Lauriers




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