Readers comments 4-10-20

Positivity in a dark time

Dear Editor:

This comes in response to the “Meandering through Town” article written by Char Miller. I really enjoyed reading this piece because it made me realize how we can still find positivity in a time where everything seems to be going wrong and awry.

Mr. Miller can inspire others to utilize their time in quarantine to enjoy nature and the beauty this world has to offer.

This is a dark time right now, but by being present and taking these walks like Mr. Miller does, we can try to find some light and joy.

I agree that the skies have been brighter and clearer now with less emissions being emitted into the air. With people staying home, it has helped the air quality, and the improvement of air quality has also shown that people are listening and staying home.

However, I wonder how we can maintain this air quality when we return to normal day life and work? Is it possible to limit the car and transportation traffic and pollution even when normal work life restarts again?

Please post more positive and inspirational stories like this. This can help build and strengthen the community and show some optimism in a negative time like this.

Jessica Fox



From afar

Dear Editor:

I wanted to express how much I appreciate the Claremont videos from the past couple of days. It was tough having our semester cut short at the Claremont Colleges, and being able to see parts of a city I have grown extremely attached to over the past three years while sitting at home far away felt great!

While coverage of local happenings is essential and much appreciated, I was thinking perhaps more upbeat articles would be great, too. For example, this could be in the form of activities that people may do at home to cope with social distancing. A dose of positivity will go a long way during what I am sure is a tough time for all of us.

Here’s hoping things get back to normal and that we can get back to our lives soon!

Uddhav Gupta

A nomad studying in Claremont


Support from the League

Dear Editor:

The League of Women Voters continues to “Empower Voters” and “Defend Democracy” through advocacy and education.

Currently we are advocating for resources for families and workers who are constrained physically and economically during this COVID crisis.

We urge employers to provide sick leave and health insurance for workers who are unable to work from home. We urge mortgage holders and landlords to suspend payment and rent for those who cannot meet those obligations. We urge Congress to quickly provide assistance to communities, local governments and small businesses who cannot survive without some assistance.

We see that many local groups are stepping up to help others and we applaud their work. We know that between 20 and 30 percent of families in our area have food insecurity. We applaud those who are donating and supporting agencies such as Pomona Valley Hope Partners, Uncommon Good, and local food banks.

We are all in a time of uncertainty and anxiety. The League of Women Voters of Mt. Baldy Area is here to support our community efforts to work together to support everyone.

Barbara Nicoll

President, League of Women Voters

Mt. Baldy Area



Dear Editor:

Just a quick note of thanks to you and the COURIER family for keeping us all in touch with our wonderful community during these perplexing times.

A special thanks to Myles Mellor for keeping us busy with crosswords—I look forward to the puzzle every week.

John Eichinger



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