A divided nation

Dear Editor:

In response to Peter Weinberger’s June 5th  “My Side Of The Line” opinion piece, I offer the following rebuttal:

I agree that the country seems divided, but I do not believe that President Trump is the cause. President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” 2016 campaign mantra excited many voters and entrepreneurs like me who were tired of the globalist policies of previous administrations at the expense of the American taxpaying citizens.

As far as I’m concerned, the “division” in our country largely occurred during the Obama administration’s redistribution of wealth policies, which concentrated on punishing economic success and rewarding economic failure.

I believe the past “division” in the country is primarily between those who expect economic benefit from the government and those who simply want a government that does not quash their economic opportunities.

Unlike this newspaper and the bulk of the purported “mainstream media,” I supported President Trump in 2016 and am even more bullish for his re-election in 2020. Even though I admit that the president at times tends to be a “thin-skinned narcissist,” I believe his policies are spot on and some of the best in my 64-year-old lifetime.

Mr. Weinberger’s aforementioned opinion piece referenced Ronald Reagan’s “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” My unequivocal answer to that question is “Yes!” As for former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ problems and derogatory comments about President Trump referenced in the aforementioned opinion piece, Mr. Weinberger fails to mention that General Mattis also had sharp criticisms of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the past as well.

I respect General Mattis’ service to this country and he is certainly entitled to opinions about his past bosses, but we have a civilian controlled military for a reason and great generals such as Mattis, Kelley and MacArthur, along with many others,  have often times had problems taking orders rather than giving them.

Now, as for what I believe is required to unite the country… I believe President Trump has actually been trying to unite our country by ensuring economic prosperity for all citizens primarily by (1) regulatory reforms, (2) tax cuts and (3) fair trade agreements. These three principles are foreign to governmental bureaucrats, politicians and the so-called entrenched “Deep State” operatives, but they are common sense to successful private sector business entrepreneurs.

Similar to  “Reaganomics,” the president’s policies are also in line with John F. Kennedy’s remarks that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” By government stepping aside and making it easier for entrepreneurially inspired people to start and succeed in a free-market business, new industries and job opportunities will occur. Allowing working people to retain and keep more of their hard-earned money, their standard of living can increase.

By ensuring that free and fair trade exists between the US and other countries, domestic manufacturing will return and as we have recently learned, this is a national security issue.

The entrenched bureaucracy in both parties, including their media allies, have been fighting against President Trump even before he took office. “Fake news” covering fake scandals, fake conspiracies and fake accusations and charges have attempted to derail President Trump’s agenda, but President Trump continues to prevail.

President Trump is not a politician and his coarse “plain speak” often times infuriates those that want a president who is “eloquent and presidential” rather than one that is “blunt and boorish.”

President Trump is the first president in my lifetime that has tried to keep 100 percent of his campaign promises despite tremendous opposition from those who wanted to stay with the governmental status quo.

In my opinion, the president’s regular briefings have kept the American public informed as to actions being taken, knowledge about the virus, and provided a depressed and frightened society “hope.”

I did not vote for Donald Trump to be my pastor. I voted for Donald Trump to be my President and I intend to again in November to “Keep America Great.” Let him continue to do his job through January 2024.

Kris M. Meyer



[Publisher’s note: Although I appreciate Mr. Meyer’s thoughtful way of presenting his point of view, there are still key facts that need to be mentioned.

The behavior that makes Donald Trump different when comparing presidents is the seriousness and degree of his actions. So, yes, former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has made criticisms of other presidents, but those complaints centered around budgets and other military specific issues.

Last week, Mr. Mattis focused on the toll Mr. Trump’s words and actions have taken on US citizens and our democracy. He said citizens must unite without the president to “defend our promise” and how we are seeing “consequences of three years without mature leadership.”

Colin Powell even stated this week he is “proud” of the generals who have called out the president. Finally, think about how the nation reacted on Wednesday to George Floyd’s funeral service. Millions protested peacefully and mourned, people from Joe Biden (who met with the Floyd family) to pro athletes made calls to help heal our nation. The president had no comments other than to talk about a no-proof conspiracy of a poor 75-year-old Buffalo man who was shoved by police on video and left bleeding in the street during a demonstration.

It’s time we hold this president accountable for what’s happening in our country, instead of making excuses that “he’s not a politician.” —PW]




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