Readers comments 6-19-20

Mutual respect

Dear Editor:

This morning as I bird-watched at the top of Thompson Creek Trail, I met a man not wearing a mask (like I was)?who told me “the people who use this trail don’t have COVID-19.”

No doubt he believed what he said, but I could only shake my head. If only we knew this to be true. But in fact, COVID case numbers are still rising in LA County and death from this virus has now reached us in Claremont.

We have biked and walked the TCT for nearly 30 years, and while it is unquestionably a powerful force for good health and healing through friendly interaction and exercise in our beautiful foothills, not even the TCT can guarantee us protection from the spread of this deadly thing.

As citizens of this town, we are proud to welcome everyone, especially folks from surrounding communities, here to Claremont. We’re happy to share a greeting or show you the trailhead or talk about the birds or pet your dog or whatever. Please people, we wear masks to protect you as well as ourselves.

As a way to show respect for everyone but maybe especially for us senior walkers who are high risk, even if you don’t believe the truth that you could be asymptomatic and it can spread through your breath, please cover and stay masked when there are people around. And please pick up after yourselves.

It really hurts to have to give up walking the Thompson Creek Trail, but many of us have done so out of an abundance of caution, at least for now. This is about mutual respect for all. Thank you.

Anne Stoll



To Claremont

Dear Editor:

I am sorry that our message has been so muddled the last few months, however, clarity is finally shining through.  Somewhere lost in the messaging was the importance of wearing masks both indoors and outdoors. If not for altruistic reasons, then please wear one for selfish reasons. 

The faster our numbers go down, the faster we may bring back all the activities we so love. Just a little longer…

Diane Hom, MD



It needed to be said

Dear Editor:

Kudos to our COURIER publisher and owner Peter Weinberger for his publisher’s note added to the opinion piece written by Kris Meyer in the June 12 edition.

Mr. Weinberger’s note, pointing out just some of the key facts left out of Mr. Meyer’s two-column moment, clearly needed to be said.

Given the current state of our America and global separation, Donald Trump will in no way be given the opportunity to “MAGA-hat” us into January 2021.

Laura Rowley



Testing for antibodies

Dear Editor:

I’d like to point out that I believe that Eric Hughson’s (“Should I be tested for COVID-19 antibodies?”) logic is incorrect. He is equated individual event probabilities directly with statistics.

If one gets a positive result from a test and the probability is 95 percent that the test is accurate, then one’s chance of having the antibodies is 95 percent regardless of statistics in the overall population.

As a related example: The statistics of getting three coins to come up heads is 12.5 percent. If you have two coins already heads the chance of the next coming up heads is 50 percent not 12.5 percent because the individual “test” chance of heads or tails is 50 percent.

Jon Vavrus



My experience at Amy’s Farm

Dear Editor:

Sitting on a bench with my love quietly in nature.

The smell of soil, the smell of grass,

The smell of farm animals made me calm.

Butterflies, dragonflies and flies are circling around.

Vegetables, weeds and flowers are growing together.

Birds are singing, animals are talking.

Sound of wind, sound of water.

And we are all in the sunshine together.

Life is beautiful, life is tough, life is sad, life is joy,

Nature quietly showing us the cycle of life.

Sumi Foley




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