Readers comments: No politics 10-23-20

Saying goodbye

Dear editor:

I write the monthly column Travel Tales for the COURIER.  Before that I sold ads. I have been a part of the Claremont COURIER for a very long time.  I love the COURIER and look forward to Fridays when it arrives at my mailbox.  All businesses go through troubled times and these times are more difficult than ever. However, it was with a very sad heart that I learned that Kathryn Dunn will no longer be my editor. She will no longer be working at the Courier and no longer steer the ship as she has for so many years.  From both the inside and the outside, from the front page to the last page, her work has been exceptional.  She has been a good guide and great help and always supportive to me.  I have had many editors and I always felt safe giving her my work to publish. I cannot fathom a COURIER without Kathryn there for all of us. Let me say that she will really be missed as for years she has been the bones of our wonderful local newspaper.  Now is not the time for such changes. Some things should stay in place I think as we all need some consistency in our lives.  I will miss her hard work, her kindness and her support.  
Jan Wheatcroft



Students should not return

Dear editor:

I am a current student at Pitzer College. I have heard many rumors about what the Claremont Colleges are going to do with students next semester and wanted to publish my opinion on the matter. I believe the Claremont Colleges should NOT allow students on campus next semester. I have heard ideas being floated of the colleges making a bubble for students, or to having students take online classes from their dorms. All ideas bringing back students fail to consider one thing, the actual behavior of college students. College students care about partying as much as they care about breathing. Any attempt to try and control students from going off-campus, or actually quarantining in a room the size of a jail cell, will ultimately fail. This will endanger local Claremont residents and the cases will more than likely rise in Claremont as a result of students going back to campus. I would appreciate it if you would publish this letter so the Claremont community understands the dangers of students returning to campus—from a current student. 

Christopher Espinoza



Climate disasters

Dear editor:
Please call natural disasters for what they really are: climate disasters. Scientists warned decades ago that climate change would cause more extreme and frequent adverse weather events. The fires in the West, the repeated hurricanes hitting our coasts, and the droughts across the country are not random occurrences: they are the direct result of global warming.
Scientific evidence that global warming has been caused by human activity is unequivocal. For hundreds of thousands of years, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have never risen above 300 parts per million. In the past 50 years, carbon dioxide levels have risen to above 400 parts per million at a rate of about 100 times faster than previous natural increases, including after the end of the last ice age. A global rise of over 2 degrees Celsius will cause massive destruction to life as we know it. It is time to cover the crisis correctly!            

Brennan Lieu


Dear Planning Commissioners:

In your discussion of The Commons on October 6 and in your unanimous decision to draft a recommendation against it, you showed admirable civic responsibilityclarity, and values. You carefully studied the thousands of pages of documents. You then cut through all of the detail and promotion to center on the undeniable and widely recognized fact that housing in front of the airport runway would be miserable, unhealthy, and unsafe for human residents. We look forward to working with you on equitable and just solutions for housing, and especially affordable housing, in the future. Right housing, in the right place.  Claremont can and will do better! Thank you for listening to Claremont community members and for your wisdom and morality.

Bob Gerecke

Tina Blair

Drew Ready






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