Shedding light on the Capitol siege, COURIER polls

by Peter Weinberger |

The recent attack and rioting at the Capitol last week have clearly left many citizens with strong, emotional, often angry feelings about the

challenge against our democracy. And with the upcoming inauguration of

President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, there’s enormous concern that a day reserved to induct and honor an incoming president will turn into more violence by pro-Trump right-wing extremists.

Personally, I’m hoping and praying everyone will be safe, so that voters who elected candidate Biden can celebrate the installment of the 46th president of the

United States.

There’s no question history is being made by events so important that they will impact our country for years to come. All this has impacted COURIER readers to the point where many feel the need to speak up and say something publicly. Today’s edition is a reflection of what’s happening in America.

But it doesn’t stop there. This issue also includes a first-person account from former COURIER reporter intern Marc Rod, who was inside when rioters ransacked the Capitol. Marc is currently the Capital Hill reporter for the Jewish Insider. His story offers further insight into the events of January 6 when our democracy was under siege by extremists out to stop a peaceful transition of power.

COURIER polls give insights on local opinion

To give our readers a little perspective on what local residents were thinking over the past year, the COURIER

 has collected the results from a number of our most popular archived polls. All the polls published today involved a minimum of 500 participants—and in some cases over 1,000—all reviewed for accuracy. That means no more than two votes per IP address (email), thus ifying consistent ballot stuffing by pro-Trump supporters attempting to give individuals hundreds of votes per question.

For those of you who are not familiar with the COURIER polls, they’re located in the bottom left of our homepage at and are changed every two weeks. The topics vary from local to national, depending on the news of the day.

Should President Trump be impeached before leaving office?

73 percent: Yes, he’s too angry to be trusted

27 percent: No, it’s too close to the end of his term

Current poll to vote:


Are $2,000 stimulus checks the best way to help Americans financially as a result of COVID-19?

67 percent: Yes, too many people are hurting

25 percent: No, there are better ways to help the economy

9 percent: Need more information

Ended January 5, 2021: 543 votes


Should President Trump finally concede the election for the sake of the country?

76 percent: Yes, the election was deemed legitimate by every level of government and the courts

17 percent: No, even though Trump received over 7 million fewer votes, he was the winner

7 percent: I’m just glad it’s over

Ended December 31, 2020: 812 votes


For whom did/will you vote for U.S. president?

66 percent: Joseph Biden

31 percent: Donald Trump

3 percent: Undecided

Ended November 12, 2020: 787 votes


What method did/will you use to vote this election?

37 percent: Vote by mail

36 percent: Drop off ballot in official election drop box

14 percent: Go to an election center

13 percent: Walk in and vote November 3

Ended October 30: 723 votes


Do you believe students should go back to school?

56 percent: No, not until health officials give the OK

33 percent: Yes, with parents’ approval 

11 percent: Too early to tell

Ended September 18, 2020: 631 votes


Do you believe federal law enforcement is needed to break up protests in Portland and other U.S. cities?

59 percent: No

41 percent: Yes

Ended August 6, 2020: 673 votes


Is it time to require all Americans to wear masks in public?

89 percent: Yes, virus outbreak much worse

9 percent: No, everyone has the right to say no, even if it harms others

2 percent: Let’s wait and see a couple more weeks

Ended July 15, 2020: 611 votes


When do you think we should relax “Stay-at-home” orders?

49 percent: In July or later

20 percent: The sooner the better

17 percent: June 1  

15 percent: By mid-May, but slowly

Ended May 20, 2020: 802 votes


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