Let’s tip a glass and look forward to 2013

by Peter Weinberger

Traditionally in your last column of the year, a writer will review highlights (and lowlights) to reminisce about key events in the world. This column is not going to be that.

The COURIER will have an entire edition devoted to 2012 in our special year in review edition on Saturday, December 29. So even though I’d enjoy giving Golden State Water advice (let’s see specifics why rates skyrocket or get out of town), or certain vocal residents how to get their message heard (be nice, not angry and people might listen), this is the time to talk about 2013 and some important changes at the COURIER.

I wanted to start by announcing that Kathryn Dunn has been promoted from managing editor to editor-in-chief. So what does that mean? It means she is now in charge of the editorial content of the newspaper. A managing editor in a newsroom usually manages the day-to-day coverage, making key calls with how stories are presented and covered. But as a lieutenant, the managing editor will differ to the editor on many final decisions.

The COURIER has had many managing editors over the years. I was one with my father Martin. But do you remember many of those names? In the history of the Claremont COURIER, Ms. Dunn is the third editor not named Weinberger. That’s 104 years.

She has worked her way up through the ranks, handling most jobs the COURIER has to offer. Ms. Dunn has been instrumental in keeping the high quality of our content during my father’s failing health and the transition of myself as publisher.

Do not hesitate to congratulate her and also thank her for continuing a long tradition of COURIER journalism.

I will not be phoning in my job from a beach community somewhere. I obviously remain an enthusiastic owner/publisher who will continue to make contributions to our editorial content, but also will have a keen eye on running the business end to make sure our readers have a strong community newspaper and website for years to come.


Possible changes in publishing dates

For over a year now we have been reviewing our options about becoming a weekly newspaper. Currently our print edition is delivered through the mail every Wednesday and Saturday. This is not a cost saving measure, but driven by some outside issues that are out of our control.

This all started with the major problems the United States Postal Service was having with their business. As I’m sure you know, they are losing billions each year because of changes in customer habits. People are simply sending less first class letters each year.

Currently USPS is doing everything possible to save money. That means less service, at a higher cost. Eventually for example, Saturday delivery will be discontinued. We remain committed to delivering the COURIER through the mail, even though it’s a more expensive mode of delivery. So even with the problems at the post office, it is the best, most efficient way for you to get the paper.

All that being said, I have been asking readers what they thought about receiving one big issue (36-40 pages) each Friday. It would be on a higher grade of paper, and have more color than ever. So far, the comments have been quite positive.

The COURIER would then start venturing into other ways to deliver print products like more special sections, and even a coffee table book of Claremont. Our staff is quite excited about some of these options.

The website of course would even be more robust, with daily updates, and more slideshows and video. We even will be launching a new COURIER website app that would making viewing our stories easier on smaller iPhone type devices.

We realize many readers still rely on the newspaper to get their news of Claremont. We are not going to simply be an online publication. Everything we do starts with the newspaper and evolves from there. It’s the center of the COURIER universe.

Our goal is to give readers choices on how they access COURIER information. We think some of these changes, driven by the need to stay ahead of future post office delivery issues, will keep us humming as the quality publication you all expect.

I’d really like to get feedback on any of these items mentioned above. Right now we are still in a planning phase and there will be no changes in the delivery dates. My email address is: pweinberger@claremont-courier.com.


Price of a single copy goes to $1 starting January 5

So how much to you pay for a cup of coffee? Or your favorite drink at a restaurant? Is it more than $1? Probably so.

After 5 years, the COURIER is going to increase the single copy price from 75 cents to $1. We still think this is a steal, and still less than most community newspapers delivering far less information that we do each week.

The increase WILL NOT IMPACT subscription rates. The regular subscription rate will remain $52 (even more of a steal). This is the price for a single copy of the newspaper in a news rack or store.

We are very sensitive to any price increase. But on occasion it’s necessary to help us cover the expense for quality, accurate, reliable journalism. Something that’s becoming even more rare these days.

As usual, the COURIER staff appreciates your support. Have a good holiday.


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