Readers comments 6.21.13

Annie’s big day

Dear Editor:

Like so many other proud Claremont families, today we celebrated the graduation of one of our family members. Our granddaughter, Anabelle Monroe, is a member of Claremont High School’s Class of 2013. 

We attended the culminating event and cheered as our Annie received her diploma. We were among thousands of people, families and friends, acknowledging the accomplishments of these now young adults.

However, our Annie has achieved what we think is a unique feat! Since her first day of kindergarten at Sumner Elementary through today’s event at Claremont High School, Annie has never been absent from school. She has had perfect attendance for all 13 years! Congratulations, Annie, for your perseverance.

Hey, Claremont Unified School District, how’s that for bringing in her ADA?

Jack and Carolee Monroe



Drive like my neighbors

Dear Editor:

Where can I get one of those NASCAR-approved Claremont drivers’ licenses like so many of my neighbors have?

You know, the ones that allow you to drive at nearly twice the speed limit in residential neighborhoods, blast through stop signs without a care and make right turns on a red by merely slowing your vehicle?

I am told when riding a bike with these little beauties, you are not held to any rules of the road. Stop signs can be run through, as well as red lights, as long as no one is approaching the intersection from the opposite direction.

So, will these special drivers’ licenses also get you out of jail after hitting someone while driving under the influence of one of these little babies? I just can’t wait to get one, so that I can drive like so many others do in our fair city.

Bill Buehler



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