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Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Nancy Treser Osgood, David Nemer and Steven Llanusa on their election to the Claremont school board. I extend my thanks to them and Joe Salas for a campaign that represented the best of Claremont.

Though disappointed in the results, I was proud of the mutual respect the candidates showed me and each other throughout the election.

I am grateful to my family for their support and offer my deepest thanks to those who helped me with my campaign, contributed towards the expense and everyone who cast their votes.

It was an honor to share my thoughts about our schools with so many of you and I appreciate your thoughtful consideration. I am more thankful than ever for a political system that allows the public to elect those that best represent their best interests.

Paul Steffen



Hooray for Claremont

Dear Editor:

Congratulations are due to Nancy Treser Osgood, David Nemer and Steven Llanusa. Each one of you, and Mr. Paul Steffen, conducted yourselves in a dignified and professional manner. Each candidate displayed a thoughtful and articulate presentation of the issues affecting our learners, families and staff in the Claremont Unified School District.

There were many blessings along the journey. I am grateful to my fiancée, my family and friends for their support and every citizen who believed in the message of the campaign. I am grateful for all the new acquaintances I met on the campaign trail. Thank you to everyone who listened to my ideas about making CUSD a better place for our learners.

As a resident of Claremont, I look forward to helping Claremont schools reach the next pinnacle of excellence for all of our learners.

Joe Salas



Thank you, Claremont

Dear Editor:

I am deeply grateful to the Claremont community for electing me to the CUSD Board of Education. As the only candidate to be endorsed by the Claremont teachers, staff and the Claremont COURIER, I have a directive to work alongside our diverse community to enhance our excellent educational experience.

With the Common Core curriculum implementation, in addition to the development of the Local Control Funding Formula, we will have the opportunity to be engaged in the largest shift in education in the last 40 years. I am honored to have an important role in that process.

I would like to thank my incredible campaign manager, Tracey Stoll, for her tireless work the past three months. She was capably assisted by Mary Weis, Mel Boynton and Don Pattison as co-chairs. Leslie Negritto volunteered as our campaign treasurer, and Linda Elderkin presided as our honorary chair. There were scores of other volunteers who opened their homes for campaign events, reached out to their friends and neighbors about the election, and engaged me in conversations about the future of our district.

I would like to thank Paul Steffen and Joe Salas for their commitment to our district. They care deeply about our students, and it was a privilege to get to know them during this campaign. And my congratulations to Dave Nemer and Steven Llanusa on their election. I am looking forward to working with them to support our students, staff and teachers.

Finally, a sincere thanks to those of you who voted. Casting a ballot is a cherished privilege, and we all must continue to exercise our right to vote.

Nancy Treser Osgood



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