Police Blotter: July 1, 2022

Wednesday, June 22

A Claremont Police Department officer on 1:30 a.m. patrol near Foothill Blvd. and Towne Ave. spotted a man, later identified as 28-year-old Covina resident Jose Reynoso, walking south on the east side of Towne. The officer said he noticed Reynoso notice him, then cross Towne Ave.

When the police car approached him, Reynoso allegedly took off running westbound on Foothill Blvd. into the CVS parking lot, then hid behind the Styles Music building. Based on  Reynoso’s suspicious behavior, the officer attempted to question him, but again he fled across Towne Ave., this time to the Shell gas station. By this time additional CPD officers had arrived. Police say Reynoso then hopped a block wall into the Inka Trails restaurant next door, scaled another block wall, and attempted to escape officers via the Stater Bros. parking lot.

He was then detained without further incident, allegedly telling arresting officers he was on parole for a previous felony grand theft auto conviction. One of the officers on the scene was a drug recognition expert, and evaluated Reynoso. The officer determined he was under the influence of a central nervous stimulant, likely methamphetamine. He was then arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, transported to the station, booked, and released with a citation to appear in Pomona Superior Court.

Thursday, June 23

Police received a 7:25 a.m. call from Padua Park, 4270 Padua Ave., from a woman who said her car had just been vandalized. She told arriving officers she had parked her car in Padua’s parking lot, then she and her daughter went to use the restroom. When they were out and heading back to their car, the mother said she heard glass shattering and then her car alarm going off. As the car came into view, she reported seeing a gray compact sedan she thought was a Honda or a Subaru leaving the parking lot at a high rate of speed. She didn’t find anything missing from her car, but the window was shattered. Anyone who may have seen anything, including a small grey sedan driving in the area at the time, is urged to call CPD at (909) 399-5411.

Friday, June 24

At 9:23 a.m., 67-year-old Inglewood resident Teri Parker, wanted on a warrant for two felony counts, elder abuse by a caretaker and grand theft, turned herself into Claremont PD at the station, 570 W. Bonita Ave., Parker is accused of taking money from a client she had been working for in Claremont. She surrendered in the lobby in the presence of a bail bondsman, was booked, and immediately posted a $150,000 bond. Parker is due to be arraigned in Pomona Superior Court on August 8.

Yaun Wang, 34, from Jurupa Valley, was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, along with the woman in question, 23-year-old West Hollywood resident Ashley Belafkih, in an undercover operation by Claremont police. As a result of numerous complaints of ongoing sex work happening in the area of the 10 Freeway and Indian Hill Blvd., CPD set up an undercover operation in the area. Police told the COURIER its common knowledge that sex workers sometimes stay at the nearby Claremont motels, then walk down Indian Hill Blvd. to Holt Ave. in neighboring Pomona, to conduct business. Claremont police drove south on Indian Hill Blvd. to Holt Ave. about 10 p.m.

While observing the comings and goings in the 1000 block of west Holt Ave., they reportedly saw Belafkih, whom they say was wearing tight fitting clothing and a low cut top, similar to a one-piece bathing suit, attempt to flag down 10 to 12 passing cars. Cops say some of the cars pulled over to the curb, and Belafkih was seen talking to the drivers through their passenger windows. Sometime later they say they saw Wang parked in a nearby parking lot in his maroon 2016 Toyota Highlander. They say Belafkih then approached Wang’s driver’s side window and the pair had a brief conversation. Seconds later, Belafkih allegedly walked around the Toyota and got into the passenger seat. Wang then pulled out of the parking lot onto Pasadena St. Claremont officers then conducted a traffic stop. Police say as they approached his window, Wang was rocking back and forth holding his hands over his face saying, “No, no, no. I’m sorry.” He reportedly told officers he and Belafkih negotiated a deal in which he was allowed to do “anything” sexual for $100. Asked what that meant, Wang is purported to have said, “Sex … blowjob.”

Meanwhile, a records check on Belafkih revealed numerous prior arrests for prostitution. She allegedly admitted she and Wang had agreed to the deal. At the time of his arrest, police say Wang had $100 cash in one pocket, and an additional $600 in cash in his car. A search of Belafkih reportedly turned up a cell phone and one Trojan condom hidden in the middle of her bra. Both were arrested, transported to CPD headquarters, booked, and released with citations to appear for arraignment in a Pomona courtroom.

Saturday, June 25

Claremont cops on patrol at 1:03 a.m. reportedly saw a white 2004 Honda Civic with an expired registration tag near Richbrook Dr. and Towne Ave., and made a traffic stop. Officers say as they approached the driver’s side window, they could smell alcohol on the breath of the driver, 49-year-old Covina resident Socorro Larrea. Police reported Larrea’s speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

Based on those symptoms, and the odor allegedly emitting from the Honda, they performed a field sobriety test, which Larrea apparently failed. He was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor DUI. Meanwhile, police returned to the car to speak with Larrea’s passenger, Adela Rueda, 45 and from Ontario, whom they say was argumentative.

After unsuccessful attempts to try to help her find someone to come pick her up, police told Rueda she was free to leave the location. She then reportedly became increasingly aggressive toward the officers, and while she was yelling at them, they could smell alcohol on her breath. They determined she was unable to care for her safety, and placed her under arrest for drunk in public. After both suspects spent a few hours detoxing in the Claremont jail, Larrea was released with a ticket and court date, and Rueda was freed without charges.

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