Police Blotter: March 15, 2024

By Andrew Alonzo | aalonzo@claremont-courier.com

Wednesday, March 6

Claremont Police Department officers conducted a 11:38 a.m. welfare check at Claremont Lodge, 736 S. Indian Hill Blvd., on a 31-year-old unhoused man. The man had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and was subsequently arrested for the warrant and for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance, also a misdemeanor. He was taken to CPD jail before being released with a citation to appear at Pomona Superior Court.

Thursday, March 7

Police responded to a 6:35 p.m. call about a swerving car that allegedly nearly collided with a traffic signal along the 2000 block of E. Base Line Road. After matching the vehicle with the description, police pulled over Alyssa Springer, 22 of Brea, and determined she was under the influence of alcohol following field sobriety tests. Springer was arrested, taken to CPD jail, booked, and after being held for detoxification, given a citation for misdemeanor driving under the influence with a date to appear at Pomona Superior Court.

Friday, March 8

Police responded to an 8:27 a.m. call regarding a suspicious car parked along the 100 block of W. First Street and questioned its sleeping occupant, 37-year-old Annie Truitt, of Pomona. A records check revealed she had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants, both within Los Angeles County. She was arrested, taken to CPD, booked, and released with citations to appear in court.

On Tuesday, March 5, CPD received a 3:03 p.m. call from a woman who reported she had been harassed at the Super King Market, 436 Auto Center Dr. The woman told police the alleged harasser, a 44-year-old Norwalk resident, was in violation of a restraining order. Arriving officers could not locate the man. At 6:30 p.m. March 8, Claremont police served a search warrant at the suspect’s residence, where he was subsequently arrested, taken to CPD jail, booked, and charged with three felonies: making criminal threats, domestic violence, and harassment, as well as misdemeanor violating a restraining order. He was then held for court.

Saturday, March 9

Police pulled over a car they say had two flat tires and did not have its headlights on near the intersection of Arrow Highway and College Avenue at 9:51 p.m. They questioned the driver, Alexandra Moreira, 25 of Montclair, who they said displayed symptoms of intoxication. After field sobriety tests, Moreira allegedly became argumentative and tried walking away from the scene, and police subsequently detained her. Then 27-year-old Jose Cosme, also of Montclair, arrived at the scene requesting his backpack, which was in Moreira’s possession. A search of the backpack allegedly revealed a loaded handgun that was not registered to Cosme. Both suspects were arrested and taken to CPD. Moreira was charged with misdemeanors DUI and resisting a peace officer; Cosme was charged with possessing a loaded handgun not registered to him, also a misdemeanor. Police retained possession of the gun before releasing the pair with citations to appear in court.

Sunday, March 10

After 29-year-old David Haynie, of Upland, a patron at Gus’s BBQ, 500 W. First St., allegedly threw a beer and left the restaurant in his car, with minor children inside, another diner pursued him in his vehicle and called police. Officers pulled Haynie over at 4:17 p.m. near Oberlin Avenue and Second Street. After questioning him, they administered field sobriety tests. A records check revealed Haynie had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant out of San Bernardino County and had been driving on a suspended license. He was arrested for child endangerment and DUI, both felonies, driving with a suspended license, a misdemeanor, and on the warrant. He was then transported to CPD jail, booked, and held for court.

Police responded to a 9:21 p.m. call regarding a suspicious person acting erratically in the alley behind Towne Barber Shop, 1338 N. Towne Ave. Police questioned 31-year-old Santino Luera, of Pomona, who at first did not identify himself to officers. Police allegedly saw a methamphetamine pipe near him, and a drug evaluation led them to believe Luera was under the influence. He was arrested, charged with resisting a peace officer, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors. He was transported to CPD jail, booked, and released with a citation to appear at Pomona Superior Court.


Monday, March 11

Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire Department personnel responded to a 10:37 p.m. call about a suspected dead body in a van parked near the intersection of Mount Baldy Road and Shinn Road. Hazardous materials investigators were called to the scene, and the body of woman was found in the van. The sheriff’s office has not yet released the cause of death and did not respond to the Courier’s requests for comment. An investigation is underway.

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