Police blotter 11-29-13

Claremont police assist despondent man on bank rooftop

A 47-year-old Claremont man was taken into custody on Sunday, November 24 after a several-hour standoff atop California Bank and Trust in the Claremont Village. He took to the rooftop of 102 Yale Avenue around 7 a.m. According to police, he appeared agitated and stated that he wanted to kill himself by jumping off of the bank building, approximately 25 feet above the ground.

Multiple agencies arrived to assist the Claremont police force, including crisis negotiators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, who spent several hours trying to coax the man off the roof, and the Los Angeles County Fire Department, who assisted officers by deploying multiple ladders to access the roofs.

During the standoff, police had closed the westbound lane of First Street between Yale and Harvard Avenues, as well as the public parking area directly behind the bank. A small crowd of curious onlookers, many of whom carried groceries from the weekly Claremont Farmers’ Market, stopped to watch.

Nearly four hours of conflict ended without incident, when the man jumped down from the roof where police were able to take him into custody. Neither the subject nor any officers were injured. He was transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.


Friday, November 22

A man’s Friday morning run grabbed the attention of local police. Around 10 a.m., Ramon Molina, a 29-year-old La Mirada resident, was seen running up and down the parking lot and warehouses of the business park in the 200 block of York Place. When police attempted to stop him, it only quickened his step. The pursuit came to a stop near Mountain Avenue and Arrow Highway, where the man jumped out from behind a bush and pretended to be jogging, as if nothing had happened, according to Detective Isaac Reyes. It was determined the man was spurred into flight thanks to some methamphetamine. He also admitted to throwing a bag containing 16 grams of meth into a backyard off Arrow Highway. The bag was retrieved without incident. Mr. Molina was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, as well as for drug possession with the intent to sell.


A picture-perfect wedding celebration at the Padua Hills Theatre quickly went south after one member of the wedding party indulged in a bit too much of the celebrating, as detailed by police. According to the report, a debacle between the best man and a couple of the party guests ended with the groom’s right-hand man breaking a car window. Though prosecution was not desired, the 26-year-old Alta Loma resident was arrested for being drunk in public.


Saturday, November 23

Jose Luis’Bernardino—a 29-year-old Pomona resident and construction employee working on a Claremont Colleges construction project—stayed behind to do some cleanup on Saturday, much to the chagrin of his employer. Mr. Luis’ Bernardino, spotted rolling away a wheelbarrow of copper piping and electrical wiring from the College Avenue construction site, claimed his boss had given him permission to take the metal, according to Det. Reyes. A phone call to his employer revealed otherwise. Mr. Luis’Bernardino was arrested for theft.


Two men tried to run but couldn’t hide from police on Saturday afternoon. The pair were seen driving a stolen car near Base Line Road and Monte Vista, but were able to successfully maneuver away from police, for a while at least. A short while after losing sight of the stolen green Dodge pickup, police received help from residents of the 2100 block of La Sierra Way. The men in question had deposited the truck on the north Claremont outlet and proceeded to jump through backyards in their hurry to get away, according to Det. Reyes. Their attempt to esacape only made them easier to find. After setting up a perimeter, police were able to apprehend the men in the 900 block of Base Line Road, putting them behind bars for possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary tools and drug paraphernalia.


Sunday, November 24

Police are searching for a hooded bandit who attacked a man leaving Mongolian BBQ, located at 970 W. Foothill Blvd., on Sunday night.

The victim was walking back to his car, parked to the rear of the restaurant, when a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt struck him from behind with a metal crow bar, causing the victim to drop his briefcase, according to police. The robber fled with the briefcase, and was last seen heading west on Foothill Boulevard. After an extensive search, police were unable to locate the aggressor. The assailant is described as standing about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 160 pounds, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. Any information on this crime should be reported to the Claremont police at 399-5411.


Monday, November 25

A suspicious man was spotted using a flashlight to look through vehicles in the 1200 block of Briarcroft Road on Monday night. Police were not able to locate the subject, nor were any vehicle burglaries identified. Residents are reminded to keep their vehicles locked and keep valuables out of sight.

—Beth Hartnett


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