Police blotter 2-14-14

Burglaries continue to plague Claremont homes and businesses

Claremont police have kept busy this week after several recent burglaries throughout the city. On Monday, February 10, an unknown person broke into Freeway Insurance, located at 424 Auto Center Drive, by prying open a locked rear door making off with a safe and computer, according to police reports. More than $4,200 in property, including cash and checks, was stolen. The identity of the crook is unknown. Although the business does have surveillance camera, the criminal used paper and duct tape to cover the camera. A report was taken.

Two Claremont homes were targeted the next day. Burglars forced entry into a home in the 700 block of Windham Drive Tuesday morning by smashing a rear sliding door. The homeowner doesn’t believe any property was taken, but further investigation is being conducted. Later that morning/afternoon crooks found their way into a home in the 300 block of Rhodelia Avenue through an open bathroom window. About $1100 in gaming consoles and other electronics were taken.


Wednesday, February 5

A couple crooks took it upon themselves to help clear space on the former Strawberry Patch site, located at Base Line Road and Towne Avenue, where the Claremont City Council recently approved a new 95-unit townhome complex. A witness claims to have seen the men get into a gray pickup truck and make off with a diesel generator located on the property. The theft has left the owner of the generator out an estimated $8000.  


Friday, February 7

A homeowner in the 600 block of Lafayette Road spotted a stranger getting a little too up close and personal with his belongings on Friday morning. According to the report, the resident observed the intruder walked up his driveway with an unknown tool in his hand to gaze into his car windows. The man was able to successfully scare the stranger away without damage, but police were not as lucky in finding him thereafter. The loiterer is described as a white male in his 30s.


Saturday, February 8

A resident in the 1500 block of Mural Drive received a start around 3:50 a.m. A strange noise led the resident to survey the home’s front room, where a strange man was seen staring into the front window. He took off before police could stop him. A report was taken.


A Claremont man had only fighting words for pedestrians and drivers passing by the intersection of Indian Hill and San Jose on Saturday morning. Oscar Sepulveda was allegedly seen walking in lanes of traffic, yelling and throwing items at cars passing by and attempting to pick fights with passersby, according to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek. He continued the disputes with police, deflecting their questions about having had anything to drink that morning. Despite his denials, Mr. Sepulveda was arrested for public intoxication.


A resident’s trouble chasing down her dog led to further problems on Saturday. Setting down her purse to retrieve the animal, the woman returned to find her property taking off even quicker in an unknown black Infinity. The stolen Coach purse, containing miscellaneous gift cards, an iPod and flip phone, is estimated at about $1100.


Sunday, February 9

Cheese and sausage led to jail time for a Claremont man on Sunday night. A man claims 32-year-old Joshua Pyle, unknown to the victim, approached him at Blaisdell Park and threatened to take his bike. After taking a fighting stance, Mr. Pyle allegedly grabbed the man’s grocery bag, filled with sausage and cheese, and took off. The victim alleges he got on his bike and began riding down College Avenue when Mr. Pyle approached him again, hitting him and attempting to take the victim’s backpack. Mr. Pyle had only gotten as far as Arrow Highway when police put an end to his antics. He was arrested for robbery.


A hiker on the Thompson Creek Trail took home an unusual find on Sunday afternoon. The man turned in a skeletal bone found while traversing off the main trailhead. It is unknown if the bone is human or animal, though officers believe it might have belonged to a coyote or deer. Further analysis is underway.

—Beth Hartnett



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