Police blotter 2-28-14

Driver causes heavy damage off-roading at Oak Park Cemetery

Police are working on a follow-up investigation after a driver decided it was a good idea to go off-roading in the local cemetery over the weekend. On Sunday night, February 23, a female driver of a white Honda Accord was spotted weaving through Oak Park Cemetery, located at 410 Sycamore Ave. She left behind quite a bit of damage: three smashed gravestones, a broken water pipe that was shooting water into the air and tire marks across the grassy area. Investigation revealed that the woman was driving under the influence with children in her car, according to police. Detectives have identified the driver and are currently searching for her. The investigation continues.


Thursday, February 20

T-Mobile of Claremont’s cellphone bill is off the charts this month. On Thursday morning around 2:40 a.m., several men were spotted entering the store, located at 416 Auto Center Dr., by smashing the front window with a rock. They took off in a dark-colored sedan before police could stop them. More than $6,400 in stolen cell phones and iPads was taken. There are no suspects.


Homeowners in the 400 block of Armstrong Drive are still figuring out the extent of a Thursday morning break-in. Burglars gained entry into the home by prying open the front door sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Two bedrooms were ransacked and a cell phone, valued at $350, and an unknown amount of jewelry were taken.


Saturday, February 22

A Wheeler Park janitor received a shock during her morning shift on Saturday when a stranger suddenly approached her from behind. The unidentified man allegedly shoved the custodian into a tree and then made off with her keys, according to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek. The robber used the janitor’s keys to gain entry to her car and took off from the park on foot with two purses in tow. The man is described as about 6 feet tall and 240 pounds and was wearing dark clothes at the time of the incident. No other identifying details are known.  


Monday, February 24

According to the details of a recent police report, an attendee of an event called “Table Manners,” held at The Claremont Colleges’ Smith Campus Center, needs more than just mealtime etiquette. One of the guests went home with newfound knowledge on courteous behavior and a newly acquired iPhone, stolen from one of the other participants. The device has not been returned. No other niceties have been exchanged.


Tuesday, February 25

A resident in the Bonita Avenue/ Oberlin Drive area was driven out of their home on Tuesday afternoon because of an unexpected houseguest on Tuesday afternoon. The driver of a vehicle parked across the street from the home had accidentally pushed the gas pedal while reversing her car, causing the auto to back up right into the front of the residence. Nobody was home at the time of the incident. The driver was not harmed and the vehicle sustained only moderate damage, but it wasn’t the same story for the home. The resident was treated to a stay at a local as home repairs commence.


Wednesday, February 26

A suspect believed to have been helping himself to property of the Claremont United Church of Christ is now behind bars. Around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, police received a call about a theft at the church’s school. It appeared one of the classrooms had been entered through an unlocked window. The suspect didn’t get very far. When police arrived on scene, they found 24-year-old Derek Rivera, a transient, in the church courtyard with a trashcan that happened to be filled with the church’s property. He was arrested.

—Beth Hartnett



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