Police blotter 4-4-14

Friday, March 28

A bomb threat was called in to Claremont police at 11 a.m. on Friday stating that a female passenger had a bomb in a red duffel bag on the Greyhound bus, in transit to the bus station just south of the 10 freeway in Claremont. Indian Hill from American Avenue to San Jose was shut down as police responded to the threat. Freeway on and offramps at Indian Hill on the 10 freeway were also closed. The Greyhound station was evacuated and bus passengers were held as a bomb squad checked all bags and the suspect was questioned, according to Lieutenant Aaron Fate. With no explosives found, the investigation was called off just before 3 p.m. Investigation into who originally called in the threat is on going. Any information should be reported to Lt. Fate or the on-duty Watch Commander at (909) 399-5411.


A homeowner in the 500 block of Occidental Drive received a close call Friday afternoon. Residents returned home to find a side window shattered and another side window with its screen cut. The efforts must have been thwarted, however, as it appeared that no one had entered the home, according to police. A report was taken.


Saturday, March 29

Padua Park was abuzz with activity on Saturday morning and not because of weekend sporting events. The bustle of activity surrounded a helicopter that made a surprise landing on the field, in response to a vehicle vs. bike incident. Two individuals were riding a tandem bike along Padua Avenue, approaching Pomello, when a driver attempted to make a right at the intersection without yielding to the bicyclists. Both cyclists sustained injuries, one with temporary memory loss. Because of the head trauma, emergency responders arrived in the helicopter to transport the cyclist to USC Medical Center for treatment. The other refused medical transport.


A makeshift pool was created on the corner of Foothill and Dartmouth Saturday morning, but not to the amusement of anyone involved. The water collection began around 5 a.m. when Matthew Trujillo, a 24-year-old Pomona resident, jumped the curve and crashed his car into a fire hydrant, causing water to shoot into the air, according to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek. The water company was called in to shut off the water and the police department was brought on scene to place Mr. Trujillo behind bars for driving under the influence.


Sunday, March 30

A check-up on a local business with an burglary alarm activation brought with it an altogether unexpected surprise for local police. When officers arrived at the Chaparral Medical Group, 138 Harvard Ave., they did find a broken window, but no sign of burglary as expected. Instead they found 27-year-old Jordan Demere of Claremont with a cut on his eyebrow and a profuse amount of dried blood on his hands, shirt and face. He did not know how he had sustained the injury, reportedly questioning police repeatedly as to what happened to his eyebrow, according to Lt. Ciszek. Based on Mr. Demere’s injuries and the damage to the business’ window, parallel to Mr. Demere’s height, police determined that Mr. Demere had triggered the burglary alarm after hitting his head on the window. Although the business did not desire prosecution for the damage, police arrested Mr. Demere for public intoxication.


Tuesday, April 1

A bizarre scene greeted police at Oak Park Cemetery on Tuesday night: a bloody kitchen knife and decapitated rooster found underneath a tree in the south portion of the cemetery. Blood and feathers were found leading up to the gruesome find. There are no witnesses and no suspects in the crime. The knife was held as evidence at the Claremont Police Department.  

—Beth Hartnett


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