Man uses head during failed escape attempt from police

A man on the run Tuesday afternoon, seen driving a stolen vehicle, didn’t get very far. Police first spotted 44-year-old Glenn Davis, a Buena Park resident, driving near Scripps and Towne Avenues. Though he appeared to be compliant with officers, pulling over into the CVS Parking lot on the corner of Towne Avenue and Foothill Boulevard, he was only stopping to trade modes of transportation. Mr. Davis got out of the car with a skateboard in tow and made off toward the apartment complex to the north of the pharmacy. His getaway was quickly cut short, however, when Mr. Davis jumped a wall and fell right on his head. Mr. Davis was transported to a local hospital for treatment before making his way to the city jail. In addition to the stolen vehicle, Mr. Davis was found with a large amount of methamphetamine. He was arrested for the stolen vehicle along with possession of a controlled substance for sales.

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