Police blotter 8-29-14

Wednesday, August 20

Bronze bandits strike again after making off with a plaque owned by the city of Claremont. According to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek, the unknown suspects removed a 10-by-10-inch bronze dedication plaque from its stone and concrete base located at Chaparral Park and fled undetected. The plaque is valued between $500-$600.


Thursday, August 21

Claremont police arrested a burglar with an honest friend after his plunder was returned to the victim. The suspect, Erich Soiles, entered a home on the 500 block of Wayland Court, possibly through an unlocked sliding door, and ransacked the residence, taking a laptop and a large amount of jewelry with him. Two days later, a friend of Mr. Soiles returned a backpack containing some of the stolen items and a couple extra surprises, one of which was the suspect’s probation report. Police located the 22-year-old Claremont resident in his car and arrested him for burglary, possession of stolen property and hash oil. He remains in custody at Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles.


Friday, August 22

A vehicle was stolen from the driveway of a residence on the 600 block of Black Hills Drive.  According to Lt. Ciszek, officers believe the unknown suspects obtained the key to the missing blue 2010 Nissan Sentra from another vehicle parked in the driveway. The thieves left no evidence at the scene and fled undetected.


Saturday, August 23

It’s another case of the copper capers as thieves make their way through Claremont, removing copper wiring from various fixtures around the city. The unknown suspects hit the 1400 block of Andrew Drive around 9 p.m., taking with them copper wiring from 12 city-owned light poles located along the east and west sides of the street. The suspects fled the scene undetected, leaving behind an estimated $1500 in damage.


Sunday, August 24

Two middle-aged ladies started their “Girl’s Night Out” a bit early when they were arrested in the afternoon for being drunk in public. Officers responded to the 1300 block of North Towne Avenue after receiving a call around 12:30 p.m. regarding two women who were asking patrons for money and appeared impaired after a witness observed the pair stumbling into a glass store-front window. Officers made contact with San Dimas residents Jennifer Williams, 41, and Lisa McIntyre, 45, and determined the women were indeed intoxicated. Ms. Williams tried to baby-talk her way out of trouble by repeatedly changing the tone of her voice to that of a small child and then admitted to “having a little vodka earlier,” police reported. In a preliminary alcohol-screening test, Ms. Williams blew a 3.1, nearly four times the legal limit. In addition, police discovered Ms. McIntyre had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. The gals were booked and released on bail with a citation.


Monday, August 25

Police hope to catch the “catcher thief” who broke into Claremont High School and made off with $300 worth of baseball gear. The unknown suspects entered the campus over the weekend and threw a rock through the window of the baseball clubhouse and staff office adjacent to the baseball field. The thieves entered the building through the window, stole a set of baseball catcher’s protective equipment and fled the location undetected.

—Angela Bailey





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