Road rage gets out of control on busy 210 freeway

Road rage reared its ugly head off the 210 freeway and Base Line Road on Saturday, September 20, resulting in a fight on the freeway shoulder and an off-duty officer drawing his weapon on the enraged drivers. Around 6:43 p.m., two drivers who had been brake-checking and cutting each other off on the freeway had finally had enough when 24-year-old Jancarlo Gutierrez pulled to the shoulder to let the other driver pass by. The other driver, who is considered the victim in the incident, followed suit and approached Mr. Gutierrez’ car. According to Lt. Ciszek, the pair exchanged a few obscenities before the victim allegedly began punching the suspect repeatedly in the face and wouldn’t let him out of his vehicle.

Mr. Gutierrez then grabbed a knife from the car and slashed a four-inch laceration into the victim’s left arm, causing him to step back and enabling Mr. Gutierrez to leave his vehicle. The men continued to fight outside the car until an off-duty police officer stopped and ordered both to ground by gunpoint. Mr. Gutierrez of San Bernardino was arrested for assault. No charges will be filed against the other driver, it was determined he acting in self-defense.

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