Police blotter 1-8-16

Thursday, December 24

Burglars broke into a home on the 2000 block of New Haven and made off with jewelry and a BMW. The incident happened between 1 p.m. on December 21 and 9:30 p.m. on December 24 while the homeowners were out of town, according to Lt. Mike Ciszek. The burglars allegedly forced open the front door of the house to gain entry, stealing $500 worth of jewelry and the victim’s BMW I3 electric car. The car was equipped with a tracking device and was recovered on Christmas day in the parking lot at a local restaurant. Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Claremont Police Department at (909) 399-5411.


Sunday, December 27

Claremont police arrested a man for driving under the influence of alcohol after he left the scene of a fight. At 10:28 p.m., a witness called police reporting a fight in progress on the corner of Geneva and San Jose Avenues. When officers arrived at the scene, the fight had broken up, but a silver truck matching the description of a vehicle located near the fight was located a short distance away. The driver, 24-year-old Justin Gonzalez of Pomona, showed signs of drunkeness and was arrested by officers.


Tuesday, December 29

An unknown thief or thieves broke into a parked car at Kiddie Academy, making off with thousands of dollars worth of cash and personal items. The theft happened between 5:05 and 5:15 p.m., when the victim was inside the building. According to the report, the thief smashed the car’s front passenger window, grabbing the victim’s purse, which contained a large amount of gift cards, credit cards, a checkbook, an iPhone 5 and $2800 in cash. The total value of the property loss was approximately $4330. Anyone with information should contact Claremont police.


Wednesday, December 30

A Claremont police officer is lucky to be alive after suffering a heart attack while leading a petty theft suspect to his patrol car. Officer John Muhr collapsed shortly after arresting 28-year-old William Nolan III of Palm Springs, who stole a tip jar from Some Crust Bakery. Officer Muhr was on the ground for over a minute, his skin turning purple due to lack of oxygen. Luckily, an off-duty nurse was nearby and performed CPR along with other officers on the scene. Officer Muhr regained consciousness and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Officer Muhr is doing well and reportedly visited the station just 48 hours after the incident. The nurse is expected to receive an award from the department in the coming weeks. Mr. Nolan was arrested for petty theft and the tip jar was returned to Some Crust.


Friday, January 1

Claremont police arrested a Rialto man after he stumbled into the lobby of the Knights Inn at about 2 a.m. drunk and bleeding from the mouth. When police contacted Giovanny Flores, 22, in the lobby of the motel, he appeared extremely inebriated, his shirt was ripped and he was “screaming about his family,” according to Lt. Ciszek. Mr. Flores was arrested, booked and released without charges.


Sunday, January 3

Police responded to a party that had escalated to a brawl outside of a house on the 700 block of North Towne Avenue. When officers arrived at approximately 12:21 a.m., most of the partygoers had fled the scene, save for three young Claremont women—Savannah Innerarity, 18. Cassie Van Essen, 21.   and Raylene Campista, 20. Ms. Innerarity claimed an unidentified male bit her on the arm before taking off. All three women were arrested for public intoxication. Ms. Innerarity was released after booking but Ms. Van Essen and Ms. Campista were held for court due to outstanding warrants.


Officers had to physically subdue a local transient after he refused to comply with their requests. Brett Waylett was observed by witnesses acting erratically and shouting at passersby, according to Lt. Ciszek. When officers arrived, they saw Mr. Waylett shouting and walking around in circles. Mr. Waylett, whose breath reportedly smelled of alcohol, repeatedly refused to take his hands out of his pockets when officers requested he do so. When an officer approached Mr. Waylett to pat him down for weapons, he shrugged the officer away. Mr. Waylett was then brought down to the ground via a leg sweep, causing an abrasion on his forehead. Mr. Waylett was transported to Pomona Valley Medical Center for treatment and will be cited for obstructing an officer and public intoxication.


Monday, January 4

A 34-year-old Claremont man was arrested after he struck his nine-year-old daughter with a dustpan during a domestic dispute. The man allegedly began throwing items across the house while in an argument with his wife, causing damage to the residence, located on the 600 block of Hendrix Avenue. During the alleged dispute, the male reportedly threw a dustpan, which struck his daughter on the head, leaving a mark and slight swelling. The suspect’s wife believed he threw the dustpan on purpose and called police. He was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and was held for bail/court.


Police apprehended a 15-year-old runaway from El Cajon while her Greyhound bus was stopped in Claremont. Officers received a tip that the girl was in town and arrived at the station at approximately 9:24 p.m. There, they found the girl alone in the bus and took her into custody. According to police, she was on her way to Las Vegas, where she reportedly used to live, to visit friends. She also “wanted a vacation,” according to the report. The juvenile’s mother was contacted and came to pick her up and bring her home.

—Matthew Bramlett


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