Police blotter 1-22-15

Tuesday, January 12

A would-be bike thief was caught Tuesday at about 11:45 a.m. after a witness spotted him in the act. The incident happened at American Apparel on the 100 block of North Indian Hill Boulevard. This is where the witness saw Noel Ramirez, 26, from Azusa take off with the bike. Officers responded and located Mr. Ramirez and the bike a short time later. He was arrested on charges of petty theft, possession of burglary tools and having two outstanding warrants for his arrest.


Wednesday, January 13

A Pomona man made it easy for Claremont officers, who found him lying on the ground in front of the police department. Victor Ravelo, 46, was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge after claiming to officers he had consumed “two beers.” After booking, he was transported to West Valley Detention Center when a records check revealed he had a warrant out of San Bernardino County.


Thursday, January 14

Police detained two women after a pursuit met a wild end on a residential Pomona street. An officer initially observed the white Chevy Impala at 3:42 a.m. and attempted to pull over the driver for speeding near the intersection of San Antonio and Towne Avenues. The driver took off, leading police on a chase into Pomona. The chase came to an end at the corner of Washington and Reservoir Street, when the driver lost control and crashed into two parked cars. The driver fled the scene, but two female passengers from Pomona were detained at the scene and later released without charges. A search of the car revealed multiple bags of methamphetamine. The driver is still at large.


Allen Perez was arrested again after officers found him lying on the ground near the intersection of Arrow and Indian Hill. Officers responded to the scene at approximately 3:40 p.m. to find Mr. Perez, 42, from Pomona, asleep. When he woke up, Mr. Perez told the officer he had a lot to drink and wanted to “lay down on the yard and fall asleep,” according to Lt. Ciszek. He was arrested and transported to CPD jail where he was given a citation. Mr. Perez has been arrested over 30 times for public intoxication.


Friday, January 15

Claremont police were involved in another short pursuit through the city streets on Saturday evening. The chase began at 5 p.m. when an officer tried to pull over the driver of a blue Lexus GS-300 near the corner of Mountain and Vassar for going 45 mph in 35 mph zone. The Lexus sped off, leading police on a chase that lasted three-quarters of a mile before the car pulled into a driveway on the 2200 block of San Carlos Drive in Pomona. The driver, identified as 23-year-old Jesus de la Cueva of Pomona, was arrested at gunpoint. Police determined that Mr. de la Cueva had never been issued a driver’s license. The passenger, 21-year-old Anthony Barba of Lynwood, had warrants. Mr. de la Cueva was arrested for evading police and driving without a license and Mr. Barba was arrested and released with a citation for the warrants.


Sunday, January 17

Police arrested a drunk and disorderly La Verne man after he was seen walking in the middle of Foothill Boulevard at about 1:15 a.m. Kyle Flanders, 27, was strolling westbound approximately two feet from the south curb of Foothill, near Mountain Avenue, when he was intercepted by officers. Mr. Flanders told police he was walking home from the Hi-Brow. After officers determined he was walking in the wrong direction, he was arrested and spent the night in jail to detox. He was released without charges.


A Claremont man was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge, and was taken to the hospital after banging his head on a jail wall. Isaac Menefee-Libey, 25, was picked up by police after officers arrived to the corner of Ninth Street and Mills Avenue just after 3 a.m. to find a black Toyota Prius illegally parked. According to Lt. Ciszek, he refused to provide his name and was being uncooperative. Mr. Menefee-Libey was arrested for public intoxication and sent to CPD jail to sober up. During the booking process, however, he allegedly banged his head on a jail wall, causing injury. He was transported by ambulance to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for treatment.

—Matthew Bramlett



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