Police blotter 10-28-17

Monday, October 16

Allen Perez was once again arrested for public intoxication, this time outside of Our Lady of the Assumption Church. Claremont police conducted a welfare check on the 44-year-old Pomona resident after he was seen lying down on the south side of the location, according to Lt. Mike Ciszek of the Claremont Police Department. He displayed clear signs of drunkenness and was transported to CPD jail to sober up. Mr. Perez has been arrested over 35 times by Claremont PD for public intoxication.

Wednesday, October 18

Police are investigating a bizarre assault and robbery incident that occurred at the Claremont Colleges. Around 1:30 a.m., a student on the 100 block of east Sixth Street called police after he was reportedly punched in the left eye and robbed of $42 by a person he knew from class. The suspect is described as Middle Eastern, around 45 years old, six feet, two inches tall and 250 pounds. He was wearing a long black robe with a brown marble-colored cross hanging from his neck with a long gray beard. He told the victim he was part of an “Islamic group.” It is unknown what circumstances led to the incident.


Claremont detectives working a different case spotted 19-year-old Jesus Martinez, 25-year-old Ivan Jungo and 57-year-old Gilbert Griego huddled in a corner in an alleyway around 9:30 a.m. near the intersection of Garey Avenue and Grove Street. Upon further investigation, Mr. Jungo had methamphetamine in his possession as well as a pipe, Mr. Martinez had a pipe of his own and Mr. Griego had a warrant out for his arrest. All three were arrested and transported to CPD jail.

Thursday, October 19

Police are investigating a break-in at Claremont Nails that occurred between midnight and 4:11 a.m. at 354 Foothill Blvd. An unknown burglar smashed the front glass door with a rock and rummaged through the business. There is no known property loss at this time.

Friday, October 20

Police are looking for a thief who brazenly snatched a woman’s purse in broad daylight. Around 10:30 a.m., the victim was walking in an alleyway on the 300 block of Yale Avenue when the thief came up from behind, took the purse and ran away. A witness confronted the thief, who then escaped into the Colleges and was not found after an extensive search. He is described as Caucasian or Hispanic, around 20 years old and “very thin,” wearing black skinny jeans, a black hat and a green and khaki-colored sweatshirt.


Police were called to the 300 block of Springfield Avenue around 7:30 p.m. regarding an argument between an unidentified male victim and 24-year-old Eshan Stanford. Mr. Stanford allegedly scratched the victim on his arm, hand and body as he tried to leave. The victim suffered several abrasions. Mr. Stanford was arrested for domestic battery.


Police were called to the nightclub Piano Piano around 11:30 p.m. after 29-year-old Daniel Galvin and 29-year-old Miguel Henriquez, both of Perris, reportedly attacked the victim after the victim confronted them for being verbally abrasive to women at the bar, Lt. Ciszek said. They fled in a black pickup truck, but were later pulled over and arrested at the gas station next to the Hi-Brow on the corner of Foothill and Lynoak. Mr. Galvin and Mr. Henriquez were arrested for battery and transported to CPD jail.

Sunday, October 22

Allen Perez was again arrested for being drunk in public, this time while at Starbucks on the corner of Yale Avenue and Second Street. Police were called to the café around 6 p.m. after patrons claimed Mr. Perez was yelling at people and challenging some of them to a fight. He was arrested and transported to CPD jail for the 36th time.

Monday, October 23

Around 4 a.m., police patrolling near the Claremont Lodge found 24-year-old Simon Planavsky of Upland and 27-year-old Justin Hilton of Montclair trying to enter a Ford F-150 with a metal rod and a paint scraper. The truck was stolen out of Chino on October 14, according to Lt. Ciszek. A backpack belonging to Mr. Planavsky, which was found in the bed of the truck, contained hypodermic needles, heroin and stolen identity information from four victims. Mr. Planavsky initially gave a false name to police. He was arrested for the stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, identity theft, possession of drugs and paraphernalia and giving a false name to police. Mr. Hilton was arrested for attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools.


Agustin Gutierrez, 29, was allegedly masturbating in a car in the area of Columbia Avenue and Eighth Street around 10:30 p.m. when a 20-year-old woman walked by and he called out to the victim. Police found Mr. Gutierrez and he was placed under arrest.

—Matthew Bramlett


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