Police Blotter 12-24-20

Thursday, December 17

Claremont Police Department officers questioned a man walking across the intersection of Indian Hill Blvd. and San Jose Ave. near midnight. A records check on Juan Angulo, 36, of Claremont, turned up a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. He was booked, and released with a citation to appear in Pomona Superior Court. 


Friday, December 18

Claremont police received a call from Claremont Graduate University Campus Safety officers at about 3 a.m. The officers reported a man who had previously been warned about trespassing on the campus had returned, and this time they were looking to prosecute. Cops arrived a short time later and found Samuel DeLeon, 23, from Montclair on the CGU campus at 1450 N. College Ave. He was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing, booked and released with a citation to appear in court.  


Saturday, December 19

Police on patrol at 12:50 p.m. near San Jose Ave. and Lehigh Dr. stopped a car for a vehicle code violation. A records check revealed the driver, Gabriel De La Madrid, 33, from Pomona, had a suspended license. He was arrested for the misdemeanor charge, booked, and released with a citation. 


Monday, December 21

Claremont PD officers on patrol near Baseline Rd. and Mountain Ave. pulled over a vehicle driven by 26-year-old Pomona resident Victor Colorado-Felix at 5 a.m. A check of his record  turned up a misdemeanor warrant, so Mr. Colorado-Felix was arrested, booked and released with a ticket. 



Next week the most interesting Police Blotter activities of 2020 will be published in our year end edition. Here’s a special preview of additional items of note.


October 22

A septuagenarian car thief was arrested yet again for felony grand theft auto after Claremont Police ran the plate of a 2014 Chevy Malibu, discovered it had been reported stolen, and pulled over the driver, James Wallace, 76, from Pomona at 3 p.m. near Foothill Blvd. and Towne Ave. Mr. Wallace, who was on probation for a previous car theft conviction, was booked and released with a citation to appear in court to answer for the new felony charge.


October 25

A Pomona woman was picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol at 1:40 a.m., spent the morning in Claremont jail, then was arrested again later that evening for public intoxication. Cristina Rodriguez, 37, from Pomona, was pulled over by Claremont cops at 1:40 a.m. near Monte Vista Ave. and Base Line Road. Officers said she showed symptoms of being intoxicated, so they arrested her for driving under the influence of alcohol and for driving with a suspended license. After sleeping it off, she was released in the morning with a citation to appear in Pomona court. Then at 6:50 p.m., officers responding to a call about a voluble argument between a man and a woman at Motel 6, 840 S. Indian Hill Blvd., found Ms. Rodriguez and an unidentified man to be the source of the disturbance. Officers allege that she was intoxicated, so she was arrested again and spent most of the evening sobering up, again in the Claremont jail, before being released in the wee hours without charges.


November 18

Police arrived at the Claremont Lodge, 736 S. Indian Hill Blvd., at 8:30 a.m. after a confidential source alerted them to a man in one of the rooms who was brandishing a firearm on Facebook Live. They found the man doing the alleged internet broadcasting, Michael Madden, 31, from Rancho Cucamonga, who at first gave them a false name. Once that was straightened out, cops found Mr. Madden had two warrants out for his arrest out of San Bernardino County, one a felony, the other a misdemeanor. They also determined the firearm in question was in fact a pellet gun. 


November 22

A short but wild car chase ended abruptly at 10:46 a.m. when a 39-year-old Claremont man crashed his vehicle into a tree, revealing an assortment of drugs and a loaded handgun. It began when CPD officers attempted to pull over a suspicious car near Indian Hill Blvd. and Bonita Ave. Police say the driver, Marcos Elizade, instead took off southbound on Indian Hill and then turned left on Arrow Hwy., reaching speeds of up to 60 miles-per-hour before crashing into a tree in front of LA West Liquors in the 300 block of Arrow Hwy. Cops detained both Mr. Martinez and his passenger, Erica Lopez, 36. 


A search of the car allegedly turned up the loaded .380 pistol, and enough methamphetamine, heroin and the prescription benzodiazepine sedative Xanax to lead officers to believe the drugs were for sale. Both man were arrested on two felony counts of possession of a firearm with narcotics involved, and possession of a loaded firearm, and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia, a meth pipe. Mr. Martinez was also charged with eluding arrest, for the car chase, as well as a probation violation for a previous conviction.

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