Claremont police have digital comment form for easy input

The Claremont Police Department is committed to safeguarding and serving the Claremont community through timely, proactive, effective, and professional law enforcement services and values the input from the community. CPD encourages the community to submit suggestions that will help enhance our services and programs.  Additionally, of value are commendations, or complaints against the Department’s police officers, dispatchers, other department employees, or procedures.   

In cooperation with the Police Commission, the Police Department recently developed an electronic complaint form option assessed through the Police Department’s website to ensure accessibility for the community to provide their feedback. With community input, we can protect individuals from actual misconduct by an employee, recognize the Department and employees for outstanding performance, and identify policies and procedures that may need review or change.

The electronic complaint form can be accessed on any device with internet capabilities and can be found at this link:

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