Police blotter 9.8.12

Wednesday, August 29

After rear-ending a motorcycle near Indian Hill Boulevard and Arrow Highway at 4:45 p.m., Mouhamed Saleh, 25, was quick to take off before the victim or the police could identify him. Unfortunately for Mr. Saleh, his front license plate was left behind in the shuffle. Police linked the plate with a home in Montclair, where the car in question was found parked with evident damage to the front. Sure enough, it also had a missing plate, according to Detective Robert Ewing. Mr. Saleh was arrested for the misdemeanor hit and run.


Thursday, August 30

Police are searching for a peeping tom spotted in the 2200 block of La Sierra Way. The prowler was last seen peering into an open window of a home with her hands cupped to her eyes. When police arrived, they were unable to find the subject in question. She is described as standing about 5 feet 7 inches tall with broad shoulders, weighing about 160 pounds. Information should be reported to the Claremont Police at 399-5411.


Friday, August 31

Drunk dialing ended in arrest Friday night for a 65-year-old Claremont resident who decided to make repeated calls to the Claremont Police Department’s emergency line. Robert Boyens dialed 9-1-1 several times, informing the dispatcher he was not in an emergency but would like police to come to his residence. During one phone call he changed his story, reporting a theft, which was later determined to be false. Police eventually met Mr. Boyens outside his home and arrested him for intentional illegal use of 9-1-1 and for being drunk in public. He was later released with a citation.


Saturday, September 1

A woman left the Claremont Stater Bros. Saturday morning $360 poorer and without any groceries to show for it. The woman attempted to withdraw the cash from the ATM when the machine apparently malfunctioned. When she went to find an attendant, a woman wearing a purple shirt and blue jeans approached the machine, took the cash and ran off. The thief is described as a black female in her early 20s.


Sunday, September 2

A 22-year-old Claremont resident was charged with 4 counts of sexual assault early this week after a run-in with 2 minors Sunday evening in an apartment in the 500 block of Indian Hill Boulevard. The incident took place in the complex’s laundry room. According to Sarjan Shah, a tenant of the complex, he engaged in a casual conversation with an 11- and a 12-year-old female in the laundry facility. He claims he gave each girl a handshake and a single pat on the back before leaving. The girls claim otherwise. One female alleged that Mr. Shah hugged her with both arms and then grabbed and squeezed her buttocks. The other claims he grabbed her with one hand. Mr. Shah now faces 2 counts of annoying or molesting a child and 2 counts of sexual battery.


A disheveled 51-year-old woman was found sitting on the side of the road near Mountain Avenue and Via Espiritu Santos Sunday evening. She had leaves in her hair and clothes and, according to Det. Ewing, looked like she had been crying. When questioned, the woman stated that she had jumped off a small hill because she thought she was the air. She was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.


Tuesday, September 4

A pair of women staying at Hotel Claremont learned the hard way not to trust a stranger with valued belongings. The women, who claim they were on their way to work at a local strip club, allowed a man they had just met to stay in their hotel room while he was waiting for a bus to take him to Bakersfield. When they returned, he was nowhere to be found, and neither was their 2005 dark blue Honda. A report was filed.

—Beth Hartnett


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