Phone snatching couple gets dialed up by Claremont police

A phone-snatching couple wanted for several crimes in the Claremont area over the last week is finally behind bars. Ashley Peters, 20 and Brian Beauchamp, 22, of Corona, are being held for 2 counts of petty theft and one count of robbery. The first incident took place on Thursday, September 27, near Mills Avenue and Ninth Street. Ms. Peters jumped out of a black Honda Civic and asked to use the victim’s cellphone. When the victim agreed, Ms. Peters got into the car and Mr. Beauchamp drove off.

The same incident happened the following day, but in this case the victim attempted to get the phone back from Ms. Peters. In the struggle, the victim fell and severely broke his arm. In the final incident, Ms. Peters stole a phone from a 16-year-old walking on Bonita Avenue near Yale. This time, police caught up with Ms. Peters and Mr. Beauchamp at Towne Avenue and Bangor Street in Pomona. The 16-year-old victim positively identified the pair, who was found in possession of her cell phone. Because of the injury involved in the second crime, the petty theft charge was increased to one of robbery.

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