Police blotter 11.17.12

Wednesday, November 7

After a couple low-profile weeks, the appliance burglars are back, once again targeting vacant Claremont homes. Burglars carted off a gas stove from a vacant home in the 800 block of Drake Avenue between 5:30 and 6 a.m. They entered the home using the key in the realtor’s lockbox. Neighbors spotted 2 men leaving the home in a dark blue Ford F-150. They are described as Hispanic males in their 40s. Another incident took place between Tuesday, November 6 and Sunday, November 11. Burglars entered the home by smashing a rear window. A microwave oven and stove were stolen. There are no suspects.


A 63-year-old Pomona man might have been a little too forthcoming with police Wednesday afternoon. Employees of Citi-bank, 405 W. Foothill Blvd., called police on Joe Barron after he came into the business and began cursing loudly. Police spotted him sitting at a bench in front of a business nearby. Mr. Barron immediately called out to the officers and ran toward them. Police noticed he was swaying and having difficulty running, according to Lt. Shelly Vander Veen. Mr. Barron admitted that he was the one the bankers had called about. He then proceeded to pull out a tennis ball-sized rock and explain to the officers that he was going to throw the rock through the window of the bank. Mr. Barron was arrested for public drunkenness.


Friday, November 9

A thief got an early start on a Sprouts customer’s shopping expenses Friday afternoon after stealing her purse, which was left in the cart while she was busy at the meat department. The thief withdrew $3000 using one of her credit cards. A report was taken, but there are no suspects.  


Saturday, November 10

A Claremont McKenna College rally took a strange turn when a car became engulfed in flames. As part of the rally—which took place at the campus apartments at 671 E. 6th St.—college students purchased a salvaged vehicle with the purpose of allowing students to vandalize and destroy it, according to Lt. Vander Veen. It appears the damage went too far when the car was flipped over and an unidentified person set flame to gas leaking out of the already totaled vehicle. No one was harmed in the incident and an arson report was taken.


Monday, November 12

Police might have the last laugh in a burglary that hit Claremont Toyota, 508 Auto Center Drive, between Tuesday, November 6 and Monday, November 12. Burglars stole the tailgates on 8 Toyota Tacomas parked in the auto center’s sales lot. Though the tailgates were carted off, video footage was left behind. Police are in the process of reviewing surveillance cameras for a lead on the case, according to Lt. Vander Veen.



Tuesday, November 13

“Get off my property,” yelled a strange man to a confused homeowner in the 1000 block of Stony Brook Court Tuesday afternoon. The homeowner spotted the stranger peering through his glass side door. After yelling at the homeowner, the man took off on a bicycle. He is described as a 45-year-old man with black and gray hair pulled back into a ponytail. A prowling report was taken.


Wednesday, November 14

Being stealthy proved difficult for a 34-year-old Rancho Cucamonga resident, especially after getting into a solo vehicle crash on a freeway with witnesses. Duente Trimble attempted to hide after crashing his car on the west 10 Freeway near Indian Hill, but didn’t get very far from the scene. Police spotted him hiding in some bushes near the crash site. Three witnesses positively identified him. Mr. Trimble was intoxicated and arrested for driving under the influence.

—Beth Hartnett



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