People continue to pay for partying on January 2

“Want some of this?” yelled 41-year-old Chris Herrin of Glendora to police standing across the street at Claremont City Hall Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Herrin, leaning against a pole for support, was under the influence of alcohol and arrested for public intoxication.


Though 20-year-old Fernando Rivera of Azusa tried to drive away unnoticed after a solo car accident in the 1000 block of Monte Vista Avenue around 11:30 p.m., crashing into the fence of Corey Nursery didn’t provide him with the ability to drive away unseen. Police were notified of the hit and run and were able to catch up with Mr. Rivera near Mills Avenue. He admitted to drinking two 40-ounce cans of Cobra beer and was arrested for driving under the influence in addition to the hit and run, according to Lieutenant Shelly Vander Veen.

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