Man scales to new heights saying he needed work

Patrick Williams will go to great lengths to get a job, at least if you buy his story. Mr. Williams was seen breaking into the Harvey Mudd construction site at Dartmouth and Foothill Boulevard by scaling the 10-12 foot tall fence. Shortly after entering the site, Mr. Williams was joined by Campus Safety officers. He claimed to be taking a look around at the development in hopes of finding employment. It proved to be difficult as no construction was taking place at the time. It will now be even more difficult as Mr. Williams is back behind bars. Mr. Williams had an outstanding warrant for failure to pay for public transportation and was arrested.

Just a few days later another man trespassed onto the same construction site, but with a little more stealth than Mr. Williams. On February 12, 40 feet of copper piping were found cut and carted away. Investigation is underway.

Check out our complete police blotter Saturday.

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