Stop for yogurt turned into arrest and jail time

On Wednesday, February 13 two Upland residents did not receive the sweet treat they were hoping for when they entered the 21 Choices on Foothill Boulevard Wednesday afternoon. All they got was a trip to jail. Police had followed 62-year-old Verde Beede and 32-year-old Kristie Lawlor to the frozen yogurt shop after discovering the car they were driving in was tagged as a felony vehicle by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Beede and Ms. Lawlor were believed to be associated with a recent strong-arm robbery. They were arrested and released to the sheriff’s department.


Burglars helped themselves to household items in the 100 block of Arlington Drive Wednesday afternoon by prying their way through a locked side garage door. The crooks made off with $900 in cash and jewelry. Social security cards and birth certificates were also among the stolen loot.  The burglars have not been located.

Check out our complete police blotter on Saturday.

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