Police blotter 3.15.13

Police catch man with slew of outstanding charges

On Thursday, March 7, the claim that his truck had run out of gas wasn’t enough to justify 53-year-old Eddie Paz’s decision to change his mode of transport to a stolen bike, especially when it turns out the truck was stolen to begin with.

Police caught up with Mr. Paz at the Keck Science Center where they found him, bolt cutters in hand, putting the bike into the back of the stolen pickup.

While police weren’t able to nab the man for the stolen bike because it wasn’t registered, they didn’t need help finding a slew of other charges to file against the Bloomington resident. Mr. Paz was arrested for the stolen car, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Friday, March 8

A resident of the 100 block of Sunflower Place is probably wishing they had been a little more watchful over a purse left in their car, in plain sight, overnight, according to Lieutenant Shelly Vander Veen. A burglar performed a series of smash-and-grabs in the Sunflower Place neighborhood Thursday night and claimed the purse as their own. Inside the purse was $1000 in cash.


Saturday, March 9

An unsuspecting Chevron/McDonalds patron left the lot Saturday evening without $20 and with no Big Mac or Shamrock Shake to show for it. Unknowingly, the customer had been dealt a fraudulent $20 bill. The cashier spotted it immediately and called police, but the customer was released when it was determined that they really were none-the-wiser as to the counterfeit money. Police left with the fake money, while the patron left empty-handed.


Sunday, March 10

One person’s potential pocket dial ended up being another’s misfortune. The accidental call lead police right to Vail Park, 2454 Grand Ave., where a Claremont man was hoping to stay off the police’s grid. Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Bloomberg, wanted for an outstanding warrant for vandalism, happened to be hanging out at the park at the moment police arrived. He was arrested with $50,000 bail.


Monday, March 11

A sandwich is nothing to cry about, especially when you are out in public and trying to keep a low profile in the first place. Twenty-four-year-old Angelo Gonzalez of Claremont was allegedly causing such a scene—cussing and yelling at his mom for supposedly “taking too long at Subway,” according to the police logs—that a security guard at Claremont’s Super King market was moved to call the cops. Police met up with Mr. Gonzalez in the parking lot  where he refused to calm down, causing a struggle before officers were able to successfully take him into custody, according to Lt. Vander Veen. He was wanted for an outstanding warrant for vandalism.


Wednesday, March 13

Just 2 weeks after Inka Trails Peruvian Restaurant and the Shell Gas Station were targeted in early-morning burglaries, the north Claremont business burglars are back at it.

Two more establishments were targeted in an early Wednesday morning spree in the Vons Shopping Center, located at 546 E. Base Line Road. Police responded to Euro Cafe, another Peruvian eatery, after the burglary alarm was activated around 2 a.m. The front glass door was found smashed and the register missing. The story was similar over at Rincon Azteca across the complex: front glass door smashed, register gone. Total loss is estimated at over $3000 including damages.


Burglars were back at it later that day, but this time on the other side of town. Two subjects kicked in the front door of Luscious Nails and Spa (446 Auto Center Dr.) and stole cash and equipment from the store. The suspects then smashed a hole in the wall to enter the adjacent business, the M.W. Smoke Shop, located at 444 Auto Center Dr. Once inside, the suspects removed cash and merchandise. The burglars are described as 2 black males, who were seen driving a tan SUV with chrome rims. It is unknown if they are connected to the other crimes.

Police are requesting the public’s help in locating the crooks involved in any of these cases. Any information should be reported to the Claremont Police Department at 399-5411.


Claremont police put a 32-year-old Pomona man behind bars after he was found with a 14-year-old runaway from Utah early Wednesday morning. Donny Wade faces criminal charges of lewd acts with a child as well as communicating with a minor with the intent of committing an offense, according to Lt. Vander Veen.

The teenager had been missing for 5 days before police caught up with her on the roof of the parking structure at First Street and Claremont Boulevard. The teen had been linked to Mr. Wade’s home and several local hotels before she was found. Police were able to locate her by tracking her computer usage.

Police say Mr. Wade and the juvenile had met through online chat rooms on Meetme.com. Mr. Wade successfully persuaded the girl to come out to Claremont, buying her a ticket on the Greyhound on March 8. Mr. Wade is being held for $100,000 bail. His arraignment was held yesterday, March 14.

—Beth Hartnett



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