Police blotter 5.3.13

Friday, April 26

Luck ran out for a pair of burglars who successfully evaded arrest twice last week. Claremont police believe they nabbed the suspects in a set of burglaries at the Chevron gas station at Indian Hill and Arrow Highway right before they committed another commercial burglary Friday morning.

A Claremont police officer was patrolling a retail business complex in the 1300 block of Towne Avenue at about 3:25 a.m. when 2 subjects were spotted near a vehicle backed into the front of a business. Abraham Lopez, 35, of Whittier and Benny Gutierrez, 38, of Chino were found in possession of burglary tools, gloves, a hammer and flashlight included.

Police also discovered that Mr. Lopez and Mr. Gutierrez were already on active probation for burglary through Los Angeles County. Both suspects’ homes were searched and additional evidence and stolen property linking them to the Chevron gas station burglaries and other recent commercial burglaries in Claremont over the last several weeks was located. Mr. Lopez and Gutierrez are being held at the Claremont city jail for $500,000 bail.


“Like father, like son” rings true when it comes to Johnny and Michael Walker, a father-son duo arrested for residential burglary in Claremont on Friday morning. Claremont Police dispatch received a 9-1-1 at 4:45 a.m. from a woman who stated that her house alarm had activated while she was upstairs asleep. At about the same time, the Claremont Police Department received a call from the resident’s alarm company advising the same. Officers immediately responded to the residence and found that the rear glass sliding door had been shattered with a large chunk of concrete. After further investigation, it was a confirmed burglary. Once they shattered the glass sliding door, the suspects entered the residence and stole the victim’s purse, which she had left on the kitchen table.

Suspect and vehicle information obtained by Claremont detectives were sent to surrounding law enforcement agencies and the vehicle was located traveling northbound on the 15 freeway near the 215 interchange by a deputy from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, according to a news release. The Hesperia residents were stopped and found to be in possession of the Claremont victim’s stolen property. Forty-three-year-old Johnny and 20-year-old Michael were taken into custody.


Saturday, April 27

A day of alleged rattlesnake and quail hunting ended early for 2 Upland residents looking for game near San Antonio Dam and Mt. Baldy Road. Not because there weren’t rattlesnake or quail to hunt, but because 22-year-old Ryan Pena and 24-year-old Kenneth Covington failed to read municipal restrictions prohibiting the purpose of their expedition, according to Lt. Ciszek. Two pellet guns and a long knife were confiscated. The pair received a notice to appear in court instead of their quarry.


Sunday, April 28

A Pomona College student received an unexpected wake-up call early Sunday morning. The student awoke around 4:55 a.m. to find a strange man in his room. He was alert enough to take off after the stranger who tried to flee with stolen property and was able to recover some, but not all of his stolen goods. The stranger ran off with the rest. The crook is described as a Hispanic male, about 20 to 25 years old, with a thin build and dark curly hair cut close to his scalp.


A Claremont resident has a pending court date and all because of a run-in involving a “Poo Log” and a pop-up book, according to Lt. Ciszek. Twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth Hinton attempted to leave Rhino Records late Sunday afternoon with the unpurchased books in tow. The security alarm sounded and the items, worth an estimated $20 total, were returned to the store while Ms. Hinton left the shop in handcuffs.  


Monday, April 29

A wanted man took it upon himself to aid police in his own arrest Monday morning. According to Lt. Ciszek, 31-year-old Kristian Urquieta of Orange got out of the passenger seat of a car and approached officers, identifying himself and asking for directions. Police discovered that not only was Mr. Urquieta wanted for an outstanding warrant, but the car he and his friend were traveling in had license plates revealing the car had been stolen out of Fullerton. Police quickly arrested Mr. Urquieta for the warrant and for possession of a stolen vehicle. While Mr. Urquieta might have been slow on the uptake, his friend hightailed it out of the car and away from police before he could be arrested.


Tuesday, April 30

The sunny weather is a little less bright for a member of the Claremont Colleges’ student body whose long board was reportedly stolen. As the sun continues to shine, perhaps it is a blessing in disguise when it comes to the victim’s finals preparation.

—Beth Hartnett


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