Police blotter 8.2.13

Wednesday, July 26

Forty-year-old David Rodriguez of Claremont couldn’t help but add to his collection. After being spotted carting off one stolen bike from the Mt. San Antonio Gardens retirement community, he came back for more, according to Detective Robert Ewing. This time, however, police were ready. Though not in possession of any stolen property at the time, officers caught up with him.  Mr. Rodriguez was also in possession of a drug pipe. He was arrested.


Thursday, July 25

It wasn’t a bowl of Wheaties that helped fuel 40-year-old Paul Marmolejo’s early-morning bike ride. Mr. Marmolejo admitted to smoking a bowl of meth before setting out on his cycle, according to Det. Ewing. He was arrested and released with a citation for his unconventional breakfast choice.


Friday, July 26

Troubles have already begun for the Harvey Mudd Learning and Teaching building, and the construction isn’t even complete yet. More than $7500 in cable equipment was stolen from the building, located at 300 E. Foothill Boulevard. There is no surveillance footage of the crime and no fingerprints were recovered from the crime scene. A grand theft report was taken.


Monday, July 29

Police nabbed a 45-year-old Upland man on Monday, wanted for sneaking into a Claremont couple’s home while they slept last Wednesday night. Charles Eide—a registered sex offender, according to police—entered the home, located in the 2100 block of Mercer Court, through a back door and made off with a purse, wallet and other personal items. The back door had been left open and, while the screen door was shut, it had been left unlocked. Though Mr. Eide was initially able to get away undetected, he didn’t walk free for long. Through follow-up investigation, thanks to one of the stolen credit cards being used shortly after the burglary, police obtained a suspect and getaway vehicle description and arrested Mr. Eide on a return visit to Claremont on Monday. He was being held for $50,000 bail.


It was a close call on Monday night for a resident in the 600 block of Converse Drive who left a car window partially opened overnight. A crook scouting out cars in the area spotted an opportunity and attempted to break into the car by reaching through the open window, according to an eyewitness. Lucky for the vehicle’s owner, the car’s alarm was activated before damage could be done. The man took off without any property in tow, so quickly that police were unable to find him. No fingerprints were found, but a report was filed.


Tuesday, July 30

A conflict between 2 roommates on Tuesday could have been avoided, as police discovered after arriving at the scene of the fight on Tuesday night. Police intervened at the home in the 300 block of W. 10th Street after the roommates’ argument grew heated. Police dispelled the problem, only to discover that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Both men had restraining orders against each other that had not yet been served. The officers went ahead and served the papers and, while they were at it, arrested a third roommate, 34-year-old Raymond Donahue of Claremont, for an outstanding warrant for drinking in public.

—Beth Hartnett



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