Police blotter 8.9.13

Man with warrant has poor excuse for casing neighborhood

A 47-year-old Los Angeles resident, seen perusing the Cinderella Drive neighborhood on the afternoon of Thursday, August 1, swears he wasn’t up to anything out of the ordinary.

Reggie Ponce claimed to be an “appointment setter” who was soliciting for a company in the area, according to Detective Rick Varney. However, it’s doubtful that staring into windows is part of the job description. Police believe another job title might be more appropriate for Mr. Ponce after finding out that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for theft. He was arrested.


Thursday, August 1

Employees at the Claremont Heights Postal Center received a surprise on Thursday after intercepting 2 suspicious packages destined for the east coast. Inside the packages was an estimated 7 pounds of weed. Investigation continues.


Friday, August 2

A construction crew working on homes in the 3900 block of Garey Avenue received some unsolicited help late last week. A couple of unidentified men took $5500 in copper wiring and piping off their hands in a single overnight sweep. Encouraged by their success, it is believed the same men came back the following night for a second copper spree. Additional wiring was cut, but not removed.

Police believe the men intended to return for their loot, but were spooked by police or a neighborhood security guard hired following the first incident. Follow-up investigation is being conducted, but little is known about the burglars. 


Sunday, August 4

Lack of any and all control over bodily functions may be a sign it’s time to stop drinking. Unfortunately, 42-year-old Paul Attencio of Los Angeles was beyond that point when officers found him stumbling down Indian Hill Boulevard near First Street around 4:50 p.m. on Sunday. Police were there to help catch him before he tumbled, but weren’t able to stop him from wetting his pants, according to Det. Varney. Determined he could not take care of himself, Mr. Attencio was arrested for public intoxication and held until his self-control returned.


Richard Rouse of Claremont went down in the name of family pride on Sunday. First seen yelling in Wheeler Park, Claremont officers caught up with Mr. Rouse at a nearby residence, where he was seen standing in the driveway with clenched fists in an allegedly aggressive stance, according to police. In a statement to police, Mr. Rouse admitted he had been drinking all day and had “smoked a little Mary J.” He claimed he was standing guard in front of the home because he was getting ready to challenge a cousin’s boyfriend in the name of family pride and “wanted to fight in the street like a man.” He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.


Monday, August 5

A smash-and-grab burglary left a resident parked in the 800 block of West Bonita Avenue down $400 in stolen goods.  Among them were a suitcase, plastic toys and a whole lot of play-dough.


“You aren’t going to charge me for sales, right?” 51-year-old Mark Dishno of Alta Loma questioned police on Monday night. Chances are if he had to ask, it wasn’t looking good. Troubles began for Mr. Dishno when police pulled him over in the 3300 block of Yankton Road. Because Mr. Dishno was on probation for drug sales, police asked him to step out of the car so they could conduct a proper search. He complied and the moment he stepped out of the car, 2 bags of methamphetamine fell out of his pocket, according to Detective Rick Varney. Mr. Dishno attempted to step on the bags to hide them from view but it was a little too late. Matters only grew worse as police located an additional bag of meth hidden in the sunroof of Mr. Dishno’s car. He blamed the drugs on a friend who had borrowed the car, although it is unknown whether or not his friend also borrowed his pants. Mr. Dishno was arrested.

—Beth Hartnett




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