Solid police work land trio in jail after crime spree

On Thursday, August 22 a trio’s recent crime spree has officially come to an end thanks to the help of an employee at Hotel Casa 425. The employee recognized 25-year-old Roxanne Golchini, checking into the hotel on Thursday morning, as the same individual wanted for fraudulent charges made at several Village businesses over the past month. The 40-year-old Bernard Hernandez was the only one in the room when police arrived as he was attempting to escape the room like they do in the movies—with a bed sheet dangling out the window and over the balcony. He opted for the safer route, however, and succumbed to arrest. Police decided to wait it out in the hotel room and were rewarded for their time. Ms. Golchini returned with a third individual, 28-year-old Adrianna Chavez of Covina, who was found in possession of dope. Mr. Hernandez was taken away for possession of a card-embossing machine, fraudulent credit cards and checks, methamphetamine and a meth pipe, and for lying to police about his name while Ms. Golchini is being charged with 4 counts of burglary.

Check out our complete police blotter Friday.

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