Police blotter 10.18.13

Wednesday, October 8

The crowds gathered in front of Bridges Auditorium last week as David Michalek’s “Slow Dancing,” featuring projections on the facade of the historic Pomona College theater, came to a close. Not all were there for the artwork. Bridges experienced a close         call when an unknown person attempted to break into the theater’s box office sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. However, they were unable to gain entrance. There are no witnesses.


Thursday, October 10

Burglars made a clean sweep of Scripps’ Language Arts office center, located at 250 E. Platt Blvd. Between Wednesday, October 9 at 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next day, crooks forced entry into an office, making off with 46 computers. Damages are estimated at about $34,000.


Friday, October 11

Police are investigating a break-in at Sonja Stump Photography, located at 135 W. First Street in the Claremont Village. The owners arrived at the store Friday morning to find the front window had been shattered. Two guitars, valued at $900, were stolen, according to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek. Any information on this crime should be reported to the Claremont Police Department at 399-5411.  


Sunday, October 13

A Pomona resident’s route of choice for his early-morning run was only one of many things that landed him in trouble with police on Sunday morning. Police caught up with Robert Cardiel, 38, at the Auto Center Drive complex, where he was spotted by a security guard running through a chained-off section of the vacant car lot. Trespassing wasn’t his only problem. Mr. Cardiel was spotted running with a knife in his hand, according to Lt. Ciszek. Mr. Cardiel was fueled into flight by methamphetamine, to which he admitted taking. He was arrested.


The notorious after-work rush hour in the Claremont Village came to a head on Sunday around 6 p.m. when a cyclist was rushed to the hospital after being struck by a car. The driver was pulling out of a space on Yale Avenue when the cyclist, unaware, approached from behind. The driver hit the bicyclist, ejecting him from his bike. He was sent to Pomona Valley to be treated for injuries to his face.  


Monday, October 14

A game of flag football at Our Lady of the Assumption became heated when a mother decided to intervene. According to the report, the mother of a player ran out on the field and yanked back an 11-year-old boy because she felt he was being too harsh on her own son, who was much smaller, according to Lt. Ciszek. Upset by her actions, the mother of the 11-year-old filed an act of assault with the Claremont police. Because there is no proof or footage of the incident, the overzealous mother was not arrested. A report was filed.


Tuesday, October 15

Anger over a ticket turned into worse problems for George Copenhavor, 53 of Claremont. Furious for being pulled over, Mr. Copenhavor reportedly slapped the citation book out of the police officer’s hands, bending the book, according to Lt. Ciszek. A vehicle code violation turned into an additional charge for vandalism.

—Beth Hartnett


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