Police blotter 11-01-13

Prank at CHS taken too far, causes $5000 damage

On Thursday, October 24 a prankster’s joke did not have Claremont High School administrators or local police laughing. What might have been intended as a prank has caused an estimated $5000 in damages at the local school.

The day before a rival football game at CHS, pitting the Claremont Wolfpack against the Damien Spartans, school staff found the high school’s senior parking lot splashed with fluorescent green paint. The impromptu paint job defaced the concrete, spilling over hours of work by Claremont seniors’ who had been allowed to decorate their parking spots. A large green “D” was found painted near the football stadium.

In addition to the paint, several people reported having their tires damaged from nails strategically placed about the parking lot, according to Lt. Ciszek. Police are working to identify suspects in this crime, but none had been identified as of press time.


Wednesday, October 23

A college student claims a hungry swindler has been making himself at home in her Sixth Street apartment. The student filed a police report, alleging that several items—including $22 worth of peanut butter, jelly, bagels, brownies and cookie dough—have mysteriously disappeared from the pantry in her locked apartment over the past several months. Her roommates deny involvement.


Saturday, October 26

A resident may still be reeling from what appears to have been a costly  mistake. Thousands of dollars worth of electronics—game consoles, computers, a flat screen television—were taken from a residence in the 500 block of West San Jose sometime Saturday afternoon. Police believe the crook gained entrance through a rear sliding door. It appears the door had been left unlocked. There are no suspects.


Sunday, October 27

It was a different day, but the same story at the Thompson Creek Trail. A hiker set off for the trail around 3:45 p.m. from the 2000 block of North Indian Hill Boulevard. Unfortunately, the woman left her purse in plain sight inside her locked vehicle, according to a police report. By the time she returned an hour later, her car window was smashed and her purse was nowhere to be seen. A report was taken, but there were no witnesses.


Monday, October 28

A group of dinner guests didn’t quite receive the greeting they expected when they arrived at a friend’s home in the 300 block of Pomello Monday night. A neighbor welcomed the visitors by asking them to put their hands up in the air, rather than to get the party started.

Hector Mercado, 33, of Costa Mesa, told the group he had a gun as he yelled out demands and slurs, according to Lt. Ciszek, who says the police had received previous calls about Mr. Mercado’s behavior that evening. When police arrived he was stumbling on and off a nearby retaining wall. His evening rant was put to an end when police arrested him for public drunkenness.


Tuesday, October 29

Tuesday ended on a sour note when two opportunistic crooks made off with the store iPod at The Green Gypsy, located at 526 W. First St. in the Claremont Packing House.

The thieves were described as a male and female, both Hispanic with brown hair and brown eyes. The man was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds. The female was 5 feet 4 inches tall and 150 pounds.

Any information should be reported to the police department at 399-5411.


The Tuesday morning commute became slightly longer for some after a two-car collision at Base Line Road and Forbes Avenue. The crash occurred slightly before 8 a.m., when a car traveling west on Base Line was hit by another making a right turn from Forbes. Both drivers were transported to the hospital, one for complaint of back pain and the other for lacerations.

—Beth Hartnett


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