Readers’ comments: January 6, 2023

Van Sistine’s cartoons remind us of what is simple, good
Dear editor:
I lived in Claremont for 20 years and was involved in many activities supporting our community. I moved to my hometown six years ago, but Claremont, my adopted hometown, is still near and dear to my heart.
I continue to subscribe to the COURIER, which arrives 5-8 days after publication date. I really appreciate the updates on my friends and community events and issues. I love receiving the paper about a week after the publication date. Although I often think about writing in response to stories, I have not, though I’ve personally communicated with reporters and columnists.
Today I want to compliment you on featuring the clever holiday dog park cartoon by Sophie Willard Van Sistine. With so much negative news in communities and around the world, I found Sophie’s creativity a welcome reminder of what is simple and good in our communities. Thank you for reminding me of this.
Tracey Stoll
Ames, Iowa

A ‘dog day’ at Wilderness Park?
Dear editor:
I wish to suggest that days in the Wilderness Park be set aside as “no mountain biking days.” Numerous times me and my poor dogs have been nearly crushed by bikers hurtling downhill at speed.
Makes me nostalgic for bygone days when we intrepid few would chat with the horses at the stable then trespass past the improvement association’s gates.
David (“the dog man”) Null

Llanusa column, letter, help broaden perspectives
Dear editor:
Thank you for publishing the article by Mick Rhodes and the letter by Janice Hoffmann about former Claremont Unified School District Board of Education President Steven Llanusa. Together they broaden our perspective of the circumstances and perhaps, attitudes, surrounding his resignation. They reminded us to avoid snap judgements based on few facts. It was another time that I breathed a sigh of relief that we have a local paper that keeps us informed and calls us to be more open minded and generous neighbors.
Nan Cooney

Let’s stay on topic about Llanusa
Dear editor:
I am a parent of a young person who performed at the Christmas party held by Steven Llanusa, and I’d like to add a personal perspective in addition to Mr. Rhodes’ excellent commentary.
The negative comments from individuals regarding Mr. Llasuna’s sexuality were uncalled for, hateful, and had absolutely no part in the problems that occurred at the event. The problems were egotism, arrogance, and abuse of power. These are what led to incredibly poor choices regarding the timing of the young people coming in and the timing of the entertainers’/servers’ participation. My child was terribly uncomfortable, as were their friends. Comments by one of the entertainers, by the “Santa,” offers of alcoholic beverages, and inappropriate touching might never had happened had the singers kicked off the party and then left on time.
Homophobia and unjust accusations of Mr. Llanusa have no place here. Let’s stay on topic and manage the situation for what it is. Mr. Llanusa has resigned, I feel appropriately so. Further investigation regarding the alleged inappropriate behavior of others there is taking place, and I feel it’s important for these young people to see adults listening and caring. Hopefully we can move on and regain the trust of our young people, and we parents can again trust the officials who are there to help support our children’s education.
Editor’s note: the COURIER uses anonymous sources only in instances where the physical safety of an individual may be at risk if a name was used, or when minors are involved. This instance falls into the latter category.

Eastman compromised Claremont Institute standards
Dear editor:
Now that a criminal referral of felony charges of obstruction of an official proceeding and conspiracy to defraud the United States, together with conspiracy to make a false statement and inciting, assisting, or aiding or comforting an insurrection have been made against John Charles Eastman, founding director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence and Claremont senior fellow, it is my fondest hope that Claremont Institute Board of Directors Chairman Thomas Klingenstein and President Ryan Williams raise the standards that govern the Claremont Institute. Its standards are clearly compromised, if not ironic, in identifying Eastman’s name with anything associated with constitutional jurisprudence. This is a critical opportunity to note that something is terribly wrong in the governance and moral conduct of the Claremont Institute.
The Claremont Institute is now John Charles Eastman — with identical values, morality, and disregard for the United States Constitution. The January 3 memo authored by Eastman is chilling. It would be valuable for everyone to read it and recognize the character of founding director Eastman as revealed in that memo.
The Claremont Institute shares the shame and stench of alleged criminal conduct that now befalls John Charles Eastman. After all, the Claremont Institute expended the one-time legitimacy of its institution to him — and he summarily squandered it with his conduct, considered by numerous conservatives to be contemptible. That conduct is not in dispute and was reported through sworn testimony of witnesses to his actions in connection with the attempt to overturn a legitimate election of the President of the United States of America. Many people would consider his actions as a conspiracy to affect a coup, while others would consider this to be outright treason.
History is laid at the doorstep of the Claremont Institute. John Charles Eastman remains in the leadership of the Claremont Institute.
Tom Peterson
Rancho Mirage

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