Readers comments 3-12-21

Rat story continued

Dear editor:

Remember that rat story you published last week? I have the inside dope on what happened next, before Chase Pest Control made it to the scene. You see, the next day, after, of course, sleeping til dusk, I lounged on my front porch eying Wyle E. Tipping’s abode, figuring the rat would return from the kitchen through the crawl space to the car in the driveway. 

Why did I suspect this? Because the mama rat—I’m sure that’s what we’re dealing with here—planned to build her nest in the engine compartment. I’m a rescue cat, and the only reason my people tolerate me is because I keep our garage clear of rats. Before I came on the scene, my family’s mechanic charged quite a bundle to replace their car wiring, not because of a rat’s nest alone but because when the engine heats up, the nest actually burns.

Anyway, back to the Tipping place. Wyle E., finally wising up, also figured the rat had returned to the car and again parked it across the street in hopes I would dispatch the rat. My ears perked up when he called CPD. 

 “Yes, officer, I need to park my car on the street all night. Oh, right, a reason . . . well, someone’s sleeping in the vehicle. No, not a homeless person, actually, someone evicted from my home. Yes, I know, COVID-19 restrictions mean I can’t evict anyone. Oh, never mind; you wouldn’t understand.”

So Wyle E. returned the car to the driveway. To be continued?

Your freelance feline, Ms. Cat

(AKA Jean Collinsworth)


CUSD parents request information

Dear editor:

(Copy sent to CUSD School Board of Trustees)

We write this letter on behalf of the undersigned CUSD parents whose children attend El Roble Intermediate, San Antonio High School and Claremont High School. On March 4th, the Board approved the plan for K-6 students to begin on-campus learning on April 12th under Phase 2. However, none of these communications contained even tentative information about reopening our secondary schools. Rather, the few communications on secondary schools contained conditional language, no specific plans, and fell short of committing to make a return possible for those students who want to get back on campus.

We are concerned about the limited communications regarding when secondary students can return to campus. We understand that for secondary students to return we must be in the red tier for two weeks with an adjusted case rate for assignment of 7.0-4.0 per 100k and have a 7-day average positivity rate of 5-8 percent for 14 consecutive days. It is reasonable to assume that we should be at this rate by March 23, which is three weeks prior to April 12th. 

Despite the fact that secondary school schedules pose more challenges for being on campus, many neighboring school districts including, but not limited to Bonita, Chaffey Joint Union and Upland have announced intentions to have their secondary kids on campus by or before April 12th. While none of those districts are in the red tier yet, they are communicating tentative plans to their families. Please provide transparent and regular communications about plans for reopening CUSD secondary schools. If the MOU is still an issue, please provide specific information as to what open items remain.

Lastly, as a small community with deep-rooted traditions, care and respect for one another, the amazingly resilient Class of 2021 is on our minds and in our hearts. How will CUSD mark our seniors’ achievements and culminate their high school careers? Let’s collaborate to ensure our CHS and San Antonio seniors have some special spring semester memories. Many other districts are making traditional senior events happen safely. We want to support the district’s efforts regarding reopening and help provide some special events for the Class of 2021, but more information and greater dialogue are necessary. We understand that information changes constantly and flexibility is key. We are simply asking for regular and transparent communication as we all work together on behalf of our students. 

Andrew Mowbray, Nicole Ouellette and Marcie Gardner

And all those signatories to the petition

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